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Build relationships.

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Free: Good for casual email users.

Xobni Pro: When relationships matter.

Put a face to anyone who emails you... And add these contacts to Outlook.
Email and contact information is organized by person... And accessible when composing messages with ranked AutoSuggest.
Search by first, last, or company name... And get powerful advanced search filters, including all your email archives!
Get photos, job, company, and updates for your contacts from Facebook and Twitter... And connect all your contacts across Gmail, Outlook, Android and iPhone in the cloud.

Connect your contacts across your desktop and phones. New

Access all your contacts across Gmail, Android, Outlook and iPhone. This will create a single, unified address book across all of your devices.

Add Xobni Contacts to Outlook.

Add individual contacts from Xobni into your Outlook address book - for the ultimate in portability.

Connect your professional services with Outlook.

Gadgets bring the services you use everyday into Outlook, so you don't have to leave your inbox to get the information you need and want.

Choose the gadgets that make sense for you, such as the gadget, where you can create and manage Salesforce contacts and leads effortlessly, or the WebEx gadget, which brings One-Click Meetings into Outlook.

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