Praise for Smartr and Xobni

“The best address book for the iPhone and Android.” — For iPhone, Lifehacker, 2/15/2012 — For Android, Lifehacker, 2/16/2012
“6 Standout apps worth downloading this week.” — For iPhone, Mashable, 1/28/2012
“A week of iPhone 4S: my first 10 apps.” Slashgear, 1/26/2012
“Along with its stunning design and lightning fast searches, it really is, as the title suggests, a super smart address book on steroids.” — For iPhone, iDownloadBlog, 2/16/2012
“(Smartr Inbox for Gmail) is one of the best products of 2011.” PCWorld, 9/29/2011
“Smartr Contacts (for iPhone) - a smarter way to manage contacts.” eTechno, 2/18/2012
“The product is meant to re-envision the mobile phone address book and take it from a context-less contact list to something infinitely more intuitive. (Smartr) is designed to give users a complete picture of the people they email or communicate with via mobile.” — For Gmail and Android, Mashable, 9/27/2012
“Smartr Contacts (for Android) is an address book on steroids.” Phandroid, 9/27/2011
“(Smartr Inbox) offers Gmail users access to the popular Xobni sidebar where they can perform fast contact searches and see an email contact's photo, job title, company and social network details.” Mashable, 3/18/2011
“Smartr Contacts (for Android) ditches the alphabetical approach. It lists contacts according to importance, so a client or supplier who emails or calls twice a week is listed more prominently than Bob from Accounting, who you only deal with in January. And if you’re looking for someone in particular, there’s a fast-moving search bar or pair of home screen widgets to locate him or her.” Androinica, 9/27/2011
— For Gmail, PC Magazine, 10/4/2011
“Blazing fast email search.” — For Outlook, CNET Downloads, 7/14/2009
“Xobni for Outlook is a terrific plug-in that not only makes your mail highly searchable but turns every bit of contact information that appears in your email into a super address book...” — BusinessWeek, 11/9/2009
“Xobni's social email plugins essentially make your email smarter.” — For Outlook, TechCrunch, 4/15/2010
— For iPhone, 148Apps, 2/17/2012
“Smartr Contacts (for iPhone) is a magic address book.” 148Apps, 1/26/2012
“A comprehensive contact book that automatically integrates with your social networks and other communication tools, turning your contacts into organized profiles.” — For iPhone, ZeroPaid, 2/17/2012
“Smartr Contacts (for iPhone) іѕ very qυісk, reliably ассυrаtе, аnԁ hаѕ proven tο bе a nice addition tο mу workflow, especially fοr those times I want tο look up аn ancient contact (typically developers) thаt I want tο ɡеt іn touch wіth again.” iPhone Never Stop, 1/26/2012
“The Smartr Contacts (for iPhone) app from Xobni is everything a smart phone address book in 2012 should be.” Dirty Work, 2/14/2012
“It really is a smarter way to go about overcoming contact overload.” — For Gmail and Android, TheNextWeb, 9/27/2011
“It ranks contacts by importance and how often you communicate with them instead of alphabetically. Since it is all managed in the cloud, it can handle thousands of contacts. Different tabs show you contact details, that contact’s recent social feeds, your relationship history, and other contacts you share in common.” — For Android, TechCrunch, 9/27/2011
“If you're in need of a better contact management system for your device, give Smartr Contacts (for Android) a look.” Android Central, 9/27/2011
“(Smartr Inbox for Gmail) is a good product and I might even argue that it's too good.” ZDNet, 9/27/2011
“We've loved Xobni's Outlook plugin for a long time, and we're super excited to see it finally appear for Gmail, our favorite mail client.” — For Gmail, Lifehacker, 3/21/2011
“I’ve been using Smartr for Gmail for some time now, and not only have I seen it evolve to very user friendly levels but it’s continued to make using Gmail through Chrome a much more complete social experience. From the 'contact indexing to the massively improved ranking algorithms' you're going to agree Xobni has something extraordinary going on here.” Berryfication, 9/28/2011
“(Smartr Inbox for Gmail) really was a utility that I never knew how to articulate that I needed. Xobni adds function to an already extremely powerful mail solution, and does so incredibly seamlessly.”, 4/11/2011
“Xobni can make good old email even more useful.” — For Outlook, Walt Mossberg, The Wall Street Journal, 7/30/2008

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