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Yahoo acquires email management app Xobni

Alexei Oreskovic  July 03, 2013

Yahoo said it will integrate Xobni's technology into its communications products, including the mobile and PC versions of its email and instant messaging services.

Yahoo! acquires Xobni, your Yahoo! Mail could be about to get much smarter

Chris Hall  July 03, 2013

The important story, however, will be how Yahoo! integrates the smart features that Xobni offered. At its heart, Xobni was always about making it easier to find the right contact details for the people who were most important to you, pulling together a smart contacts list for you. Xobni was a system that just worked. Hopefully, it will be a system that will just work for Yahoo! too.

Cool Mom Tech
Smartr makes your overwhelming contact list a whole lot (yep) smarter.

August 07, 2012

The Smartr Contact List integrates and syncs with the existing contacts on your phone. At this point you're probably thinking why is this any different than what I already have--but here's where it gets "smart." The Smartr app not only syncs with your contacts, it also pulls in information from your email, calendar and social networks. Each contact is not just a name on your phone, but Smartr imports photos, and recent updates from social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Most importantly, it pulls all the information for a person into one contact--no more six entries for the same person.

Smartr Contacts for iPhone

Joel Mathis  April 23, 2012

4/5 mice Smartr Contacts—a free app from Xobni—just might be the iPhone's ultimate address book. Smartr Contacts not only pulls calendar and contact information from your iPhone and assorted accounts and social networks, it also offers a neat analytics feature to show you how often you've kept in touch with individuals in your address book. The app's developer promises a contact book containing the name and contact information of everyone you've ever communicated with. That's an extreme claim, but Smartr Contacts comes close to fulfilling it: It pulls the contact and calendar information from your iPhone, of course, but it can also pull the same information from your Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook email accounts, as well as contact data for all of your friends and acquaintances on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Social Email Contact Manager Raises $10M from 'Commercial' Partner

Leena Rao  February 27, 2012

Social email startup Xobni, the social email plugin that makes your inbox smarter, has raised $10 million in new funding, according to an SEC filing. We confirmed the new round with the company. This brings the startup's total funding to $42 million.

The Only Address Book You'll Need

Emmanuel Banks  February 21, 2012

To work, Smartr uses some of the information found in the native iPhone contact book. This gives you the basis of who will start out in your Smartr contact book. From there, the Smartr application uses email addresses from your contacts to gather social networking websites that they may be apart of. You can also connect websites they are apart of, which will add their most recent information and updates. This will, in the end, allow you to just select a contact and reply to a post or send them a message on the respective site. Thankfully, Smartr uses iCloud!

Smartr Contacts Review - 4.5 stars

Lisa Caplan  February 17, 2012

I've been trying to find an intelligent and painless way to organize all my contacts from multiple email accounts and my social networks forever. Smartr Contacts, the most appropriately named product on the App Store, offers an ingenious solution.

Smartr Contacts for your iPhone

Shaun Takenouchi  February 17, 2012

With the advent of social media and the amount of people that we are coming in contact with on a daily or weekly basis, the basic address book is no longer cutting it. The days of knowing only someone's phone number and email are no longer acceptable because there is so much more information on that person. Up until now, Apple never has done anything spectacular with their Address Book on either the Mac or iOS, so you know that this space was ripe for the picking. I believe that Smartr Contacts may have come at a good time. Let's find out after the jump.

Smartr Contacts - The iOS Address Book on Steroids

Daniel Marks  February 16, 2012

When iOS 5 was released, the folks at Apple HQ brought with it the ability to add social network support within the stock iOS address book application. Smartr Contacts from Xobni manages to push the bar a whole lot further.

Best Address Book App for Android - Smartr Contacts

Alan Henry  February 16, 2012

Oddly enough, there aren't too many contact management tools for Android that aren't also dialer replacements, or focused entirely on replacing whatever built-in tool you have on your device already. We have to agree with our iOS counterparts on this one—Smartr by Xobni is the best address book for Android, if you're looking for a contact manager that actually makes it easier to find and interact with the people you need to talk to.

Best Address Book App for iPhone - Smartr Contacts

Adam Dachis  February 15, 2012

There are piles of address book alternatives for the iPhone, but after digging through them all, we settled on Smartr Contacts as your best bet. It gives your contacts an upgrade by adding a historical view of your interactions and adds social media updates to their pages. Overall, your address book becomes much more useful.

Microsoft Tackles File Attachment Problem

Andy Patrizio  February 10, 2012

The other step is to make it easy for other apps and services to work with SkyDrive. One example is the SkyDrive Gadget by Xobni (no, I don't know how to pronounce it, either), which was released today. Xobni for Outlook can mail a link to a file on SkyDrive without leaving Outlook up upload the file or you can send someone a file on Skydrive from Outlook without having to leave it.

5 Ways To Put The "Pro" In Profile Pics

Amber MacArthur  February 09, 2012

Your profile photo is an important part of your online image. Not only is this pic the first thing people see when they look you up on the web, whether you're using Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google+, this image is now regularly transported into people's in-boxes and pulled onto their phones as users rely on services such as Xobni to put faces to their digital networks...

CBS MoneyWatch
Smartr: A Brilliant Contacts App for Smartphones

Dave Johnson  February 09, 2012

Smart contact managers like Xobni earn their keep by providing rich profiles on all of the people you communicate with -- who they are, what they look like, how often you email them, and exactly what you said. It's all there. We've been big fans of Xobni for Outlook for a long time. It's an add-on that adds a slew of features and better search capabilities to your desktop version of Outlook. Unfortunately, we spend more and more time away from our PCs these days. We need that same depth of information on our phones. And here it is. Xobni is available for both the iPhone and Android, in the guise of an app called Smartr...

iPhone Footprint
Turn your iPhone into a contacts Metasearch engine with Smartr Contacts for iPhone

February 07, 2012

For long iPhone users have been awaiting a powerful sync capability between their phone contacts and social media contacts. This is where the Android OS has been a step ahead until the release of iPhone 4 & 4S, where the recent facebook app allows you to sync contacts and their photos seamlessly. The desire for more than just facebook and the use on older device can leave you puzzled with a lot of solutions and apps that may offer solutions but yet not keep your contacts managed at one place. Smartr Contacts is an all in one popular social network syncing app, that can aggregate all your contacts in one place, link them and allow you to contact people directly from the app.

Finance Alpha

Michael Tauscher  February 02, 2012

I had heard about Xobni (inbox backwards, in case you were wondering about the name) through Twitter, and while such advice should be taken with a grain of salt, it's not often that people enjoy a company's product so much that they state it publicly. The task is simple, yet I had never before found an adequate solution: to keep all of one's contacts from various email addresses and social media outlets in one easily accessible, cross-platform repository...

6 Standout Apps Worth Downloading Today

Sarah Kessler  February 01, 2012

Smartr pulls all of the contact information you have in your phone, email and social networks into one place. It uses all three components to build complete profiles that include common contacts, message history and social updates...

PC Pro
Smartr Contacts for iPhone Review

Barry Collins  February 01, 2012

I've taken rather a shine to the company's new iPhone app, Smartr Contacts. I should explain that the last time I actually saved someone's contact details into Outlook was circa 1997. I'm appalling at maintaining a contacts book, normally relying on finding the relevant details by searching through my enormously bloated inbox...

Blogit by Jonathan Farrington
Smartr Contacts for iPhone by Xobni

Jonathan Farrington  January 30, 2012

I am pleased to announce that Smartr Contacts for iPhone is now available in the iPhone App Store... Many of you, like me, have been using Xobni's products on Android, Gmail, Outlook and BlackBerry and have been waiting patiently for the iPhone version of Smartr Contacts. The wait is over, it is available to you today!

My First 10 Apps

Chris Burns  January 30, 2012

This Weeks Top Downloads - Smartr Contacts for iPhone

January 28, 2012

Smartr by Xobni Is a Powerful Contact Manager for Your iPhone - Back in September, contact management service Xobni launched its downloadable tool, Smartr, for Android and GMail. At the time, iPhone users have been left out in the cold-until now. Xobni took the wraps off of Smartr for iOS this week, bringing iPhone users the ability to synchronize their contacts with Xobni, download contact information from their social networks, and easily search their contacts based on any snippet of data they have about them...

Smartr Contacts is a Magic Address Book

Jordan Minor  January 26, 2012

The increasing power and proliferation of smartphones has given us an increasing amount of ways of connecting with each other. However, all of these new communication venues have also given us an increasing amount of contact information to keep track of. Android users already know how Xobni's app Smartr Contacts can help simplify that process and now iPhone owners can too.

The 2-Minute Move That Will Elevate Your Personal Brand

Amber MacArthur  January 26, 2012

Tools like Smartr help personalize the inbox experience, assigning photos, titles, and email history to names. Tout offers you the tools and templates you need to track and schedule your messages. What's missing for most people in this day-to-day email equation is a helpful and memorable email signature.

Xobni Introduces Smartr Contacts for iPhone

Radu Tyrsina  January 25, 2012

Xobni has announced the release of its Smartr Contacts app for iOS devices, which means the popular automatic address book has become available on all major mobile platforms.

Smartr by Xobni is a Powerful Contact Manager for iPhone

Alan Henry  January 25, 2012

Back in September, contact management service Xobni launched its downloadable tool, Smartr, for Android and GMail. At the time, iPhone users have been left out in the cold—until now. Xobni took the wraps off of Smartr for iOS this week, bringing iPhone users the ability to synchronize their contacts with Xobni, download contact information from their social networks, and easily search their contacts based on any snippet of data they have about them.

Smartr Contacts is your iPhone's Automatic Address Book

Christine Chan  January 24, 2012

Smartr Contacts for iPhone (Free) by Xobni Corp. is an intuitive way to keep track of everyone that you have communicated with, ever. Just call it the automatic address book.

Cult of Mac
Unite Twitter, Facebook and More with your iPhone Contacts using Smartr Contacts

Killian Bell  January 24, 2012

Xobni has brought its Smartr Contacts service to the iPhone today, which a new app that is likely to change the way in which you handle your contacts list forever. The service takes the pain out of maintaining your contacts list by creating profiles for everyone you've ever contacted using your emails, calendars, and social networks. It also puts a face to every name and even keeps track of your recent communication history.

Xobni's Smartr Contacts for iPhone Hits the App Store

January 24, 2012

Xobni has just released their iPhone app called Smartr Contacts for iPhone... Xobni automagically creates a contacts database based on your email accounts (currently Gmail or Outlook) and social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. It takes away the effort of manually adding contacts to your iPhone.

Make Your Contact List Smarter on iPhone

Jason Parker  January 24, 2012

Smartr Contacts for iPhone (Free) unifies your contacts by scanning your iPhone contact list and e-mail contacts, then grabbing information from social sites like Facebook and Twitter, to merge all the available data into a searchable supercharged contact list.

Xobni Smartr Contacts Lands on iPhone

Stuart Miles  January 24, 2012

Fanboys, prepare your contacts list for a spruce-up like never before as Xobni Smartr Contacts for iPhone is hitting the App Store. The announcement follows the launch of Smartr Contacts for Android and Smartr Inbox for Gmail back in 2011 and, apparently, tens of thousands of iPhone owners requested to be notified when the iPhone version went live...

Smartr for iPhone is like Having a Second Brain for All Your Contacts

Brad McCarty  January 24, 2012

I find myself using my iPhone for email more each day. Something about email lends itself very well to a touch interface, in my opinion, and I keep finding that it's easier to sort and sift through things when time allows. But there are features missing in mobile email clients and one of the glaring omissions is a way to truly work with my contacts. Fortunately, as of today, my iPhone just got Smartr.

Smartr Contacts for iPhone lets you manage your contacts more efficiently

Chris Parsons  January 24, 2012

Smartr Contacts, which had great success on both the BlackBerry and Android platforms, is now available for the iPhone. The company behind Smart Contacts, Xobni has not only managed to re-imagine their app for iOS devices but they've done so in a way that makes the native iOS address book look like a disaster by comparison.

Smartr Contacts: How mobile enabled them to reinvent the concept and relevancy of a contact

Rob Woodbridge  January 24, 2012

How does mobile change the way we connect and stay in contact with people? The paradigm of the contact manager or personal information system is being changed by the context and connectedness of mobile devices and one company is reinventing this information layer that ties us all together. The company is Xobni...

Xobni Brings Contact Manager Smartr to the iPhone

Leena Rao  January 24, 2012

As we reported last September, Xobni rebranded its email contact manager Smartr and launched Android and Gmail apps out of private beta. Today, Xobni is debuting the iPhone version of Smartr. The Smartr Cloud automatically extracts all contacts from your iPhone's email data (currently integrated with Outlook or Gmail), as well as data from social networks, and makes them easily searchable...

Globe & Mail
10 Ways to Monetize Your Communications Strategy

Sara Gilbert  January 23, 2012

Bring your network on board. Leverage your current network to build momentum for your communications strategy. Invite your clients, prospects and centres of influence to join your newsletter mailing list, use tools such as Xobni to grow your social media community, include links in your email signature inviting everyone to join you on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, newsletter and visit your website.

Shocker: Most Americans Check Work Email During the Holidays

Zoe Fox  November 28, 2011

The majority of employed American adults (68%) with work email accounts check their messages during traditional family holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. Among those checking their email, 27% do so multiple times each day.

Working During the Holidays? You're Not Alone

Sherilynn Macale  November 22, 2011

The holidays are here, and while it's definitely the season for packing on a little extra weight and kicking back with family and friends, some of us are prioritizing instead. Sure, some of you might be out visiting the ones you love or helping prep the turkey for the coming feast, but the rest of us are doing exactly what I'll be doing during the festivities: Working.

What Most of us Will Be Doing on Holidays: Checking Work Email

Jennifer Van Grove  November 22, 2011

The holidays are a time for good food, gathering with loved ones, frantic trips to overcrowded malls and paid time-off from work — well almost. A majority of the U.S. workforce will be checking their work email over holidays this year, according to a new study.

Will you check your work email on Thanksgiving?

Tony Bradley  November 22, 2011

Tis the season for family gatherings, holiday cheer…and work? A survey from Xobni finds that nearly 70 percent of Americans will make some time between watching the Detroit Lions and eating turkey this Thursday to check their work email.

Xobni Survey: Nearly 70% of you will be Checking Email Over the Holidays

Leena Rao  November 22, 2011

Last year, we wrote about email software company Xobni's survey that showed that going completely offline from email over the holidays is a thing of the past. And this year's survey from Xobni reports that even more adults will be checking email over the holidays.

PC Magazine
25 Apps That Can Make You More Productive

November 07, 2011

Xobni's Outlook and Smartr products (Gmail and Android) make up 3 of the Top 25 Productivity Tools, according to PC Magazine.

100 Best Products of 2011

PCWorld Editors  November 02, 2011

The year's standout hardware, software, and services, as selected by PCWorld's experts.

App Review: Smartr Contacts

October 21, 2011

A great video review of Smartr Contacts for Android

How Much Are Your Contacts Worth to You?

Brad McCarty  October 13, 2011

What would it take for you to give up your personal contacts? How about your business ones? With each of us putting a different dollar amount on what we'd accept to rebuild from scratch, contextual email plugin Smartr, from Xobni (of which we covered the launch, last week) thought it might be interesting to get a broad-scale overview.

All Twitter
The Implicit Twitter Feed - the people you SHOULD be following

Lauren Dugan  October 10, 2011

You leave a trail of information about you with every interaction on the web. And while some are trying to use that information in nefarious ways, Xobni is using its technology to make this information trail work for you.

Xobni Introduces Smartr Contact Management for Gmail and Android

Jaymar Cabebe  October 06, 2011

Xobni, maker of popular contact management tools for Outlook and BlackBerry, has today announced a new sub-brand along with two new products ready for public beta. Smartr Inbox for Gmail and Smartr Contacts for Android--both previously branded as Xobni products during their private beta stage--now bring Xobni's contact management powers to Google's e-mail platform.

PC Magazine
REVIEW: Smartr Inbox for Gmail

Jill Duffy  October 04, 2011

Networking, both professional and social, requires social grace and subtlety: charm, a relaxed attitude, and a genuine smile, crows' feet and all. And when networking doesn't occur face-to-face but rather through digital channels, you need even more savoir-faire to, well, "win friends and influence people." Smartr Inbox for Gmail (free) by Xobni is something like a middle-man in this networking-through-technology game, a layer between you and your tools, aimed at extracting more useful information from them.

Xobni Makes Gmail and Android Smartr

Angela West  October 01, 2011

Xobni has been revolutionizing Outlook inboxes for four years with its Outlook add-in that shows everything you could possibly want to know about a contact. Using nothing more than an email address and your own logins to social media networks, Xobni pulls in data from social media platforms until the only thing you don't know about the person who emailed you is their blood type...

REVIEW: Smartr Inbox for Gmail

Preston Gralla  September 30, 2011

Smartr Inbox for Gmail by Xobni makes Gmail much more than just an excellent email tool: It helps turn it into a central hub for all of your electronic communications, including social networking via Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. It recognizes that email is no longer the sole way that people primarily communicate electronically, and that social networking is just as important--or for some people, even more important. With Smartr Inbox for Gmail, you no longer need to visit multiple sites for email and social networking for many common tasks. Simply install the free add-on into your browser, head to Gmail, and it's all there in one place. It's a must-have for any Gmail user who uses Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

REVIEW: Smartr Contacts for Android

Ginny Mies  September 30, 2011

Love your Android phone, but not its built-in address book? Smartr Contacts by Xobni turns your phone into the ultimate social organizer. A problem I typically run into is finding the people I communicate most frequently with from my long list of contacts. Alphabetical order doesn't cut it. Thankfully, Smartr Contacts offers a clever solution (hence the name): it ranks your contacts by importance. How does it determine which of your friends, family and colleagues are more important than others? Basically, the more information you provide it, the smarter the app gets...

Droid Life
Xobni's Smartr Contacts Looks to Revolutionize the Way you Manage your Address Book

Tim-o-tato  September 29, 2011

Just now entering public beta, Smartr Contacts is a way for users to combine all the information they can about people in their phone book, and place it all into one easy to use application. It crawls the web, digs through your social networks, and explores the catacombs that you call email accounts to find every person you need to know.

Farrington's Sales Blog
Xobni just got Smartr

Jonathan Farrington  September 28, 2011

Xobni, one of our Top Sales Tools over on Top Sales World, has built a reputation for building products that simplify address book and inbox management with their Outlook and BlackBerry products. For those of you who are not familiar with Xobni, their platform discovers all the people you've ever exchanged emails, calls or SMS messages with, and instantly provides a full view of each contact, complete with their photo, job title, company details, email history as well as updates from LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Today, they have unveiled a new product line called Smartr...

Smartr for Gmail and Android Now Available by Xobni!

September 28, 2011

The long awaited Smartr Inbox for Gmail and Smartr Contacts for Android are both now publicly available for download by the clever team over at Xobni. And we couldn't be more excited! As of Tuesday September the 27th, 2011 both Gmail and Android users can now benefit from the new suite of products known as Smartr!

Xobni Makes Contact Lists Smartr with Gmail, Android Products

Sam Diaz  September 27, 2011

Your inbox and contacts lists are about to become smarter - er, make that Smartr. Today, Xobni is releasing two public beta products under a new Smartr name - the Smartr Inbox for Gmail and Smartr Contacts for Android. Anyone who's used Xobni for Outlook, which has been around for several years, understands the power that comes with liberating the inbox - allowing users to learn more about the people they're corresponding with over email, including an email history of messages sent, as well as contact information.

The Cellular Guru
Xobni unleashes Smartr brand, brings Gmail and Android

Mike Hepples  September 27, 2011

To many frustrated Outlook users, Xobni has been, and continues to be, a breath of fresh air and the most potent tool in their arsenal. The flood of emails that hits my inbox on a daily basis at my day job is made infinitely more manageable by my use of Xobni, and I can honestly state that it has saved me hours of work and frustration. Almost two years ago, Xobni blessed my email driven life with Xobni for BlackBerry, allowing me to take that functionality on the go on my platform of choice. Finally, earlier this year Xobni launched Xobni Pro (formerly known as Xobni One in the Outlook/BlackBerry days) to tie their apps together, allowing me to leverage the data from both Outlook and BlackBerry versions of the app to create a central, always available contact list. Now, Xobni Pro becomes even more crucial for those of us operating on multiple platforms...

Smartr Contacts for Android Manages and Ranks up to 10K Address Book Entries

Simon Sage  September 27, 2011

Inbox management service Xobni has been plugging away at an Android version of their app since the spring, and now it's ready to go as a public beta, along with new branding... Much like the existing BlackBerry app, Smartr scans your phone's contacts, Gmail and Outlook correspondence through plug-ins, and social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, to gauge your interaction with people, and assign them with rankings, that way you can have easy access to them, and they're highlighted in your incoming e-mails...

Xobni launches Smartr contact management for Gmail and Android

Jessica Stillman  September 27, 2011

There is no shortage of ways to get in touch with people these days – from Outlook to iPhone and Twitter to LinkedIn — nor any lack of options when it comes to sharing their details or notes on your relationship history. Are you suffering from an excess of communication channels and the general chaos that comes from having dozens of conversations going across them? Xobni is banking on the fact you are with its launch today of a new product line under the brand Smartr, aiming to bring order to more inboxes.

Xobni Promises New Set of Apps Will Be Smartr

Liz Gannes  September 27, 2011

Xobni is trading one slightly awkward but endearing brand for another — Smartr — as it prepares to launch its contact management tools as a set of apps made by itself and other companies. The first two Smartr apps are for Gmail and Android, available today; the next one on the list is iPhone.

Xobni's Contact Context Gets Smarter with New Gmail and Android Releases

Brad McCarty  September 27, 2011

If you've been looking for a smarter way to manage your Gmail and Android contacts, the folks at Xobni have good news for you today. It's called Smartr (no, not that Smartr) and it really is a smarter way to go about overcoming contact overload.

Xobni Super Address Book Makes it's Way to Android

September 27, 2011

Xobni has been one of the most successful contact management solutions for many platforms, starting with the Microsoft Outlook plugin and then advancing into the mobile sphere with the Super Address Book application for BlackBerry. Xobni's incredible ability to index contacts has since embedded itself alongside apps like QuickLaunch as a must have productivity tool.

Xobni Launches Smartr Contacts for Android - Makes Your Address Book Smarter

Chris Parsons  September 27, 2011

If you came to Android from the BlackBerry world then there is a good chance you've heard of the folks behind the newly released contact management app Smartr. Xobni, while having first made their app available on BlackBerry has now launched Smartr to the Android Market after a long beta and alpha testing phase.

Apps of the Day: Smoozy and Smartr

Kevin Krause  September 27, 2011

Smartr Contacts is an address book on steroids. Currently an open beta, Smartr searches your email, text, and call history and creates a rich list of contacts, regardless of whether or not you already had their contact info stored in your Android phone. Smartr creates useful entries that analyzes the history of communications with a particular person, draws in information from their social profiles, and ranks individuals by importance for easy location. For folks who want a smart address book that includes just about everything (and everyone), Smartr is a great tool.

Smartr Contacts Makes Sense of Your Massive Contact List

Andrew Kameka  September 27, 2011

Let's face it: contact management on Android can be a mess. There are often duplicates, it can be tough to only sync certain people depending on your phone model, and – like any contact system – finding information on the right people could definitely be easier... That's where Xobni comes in.

Smartr for Android Makes Sense of your Contact list

Dan Seifert  September 27, 2011

Xobni, a popular contact aggregation platform that has been available for Outlook and BlackBerry for some time, has just released the public beta of its new effort, Smartr for Android. Smartr for Android, along with its desktop counterpart that plugs into your Gmail account, offers an advanced way of organizing your contact list based on message history, and it automatically fills out detailed info from social networks.

Xobni Brings Smartr "Social Intelligence" Apps to Gmail & Android

Jennifer Van Grove  September 27, 2011

Social intelligence startup Xobni first found favor with Outlook and BlackBerry users. Tuesday, the company is extending its contact management and productivity capabilities to those with Gmail accounts and Android devices.

Xobni... Launches Contact Manager for Gmail and Anrdoid

Erick Schonfeld  September 27, 2011

Xobni always was a clever name (it's Inbox backwards), but perhaps it was too clever. Today, the startup that tries to make your email smarter is rebranding its newer products Smartr and launching them out of private beta for Android and Gmail.

Smartr by Xobni is a Powerful Contact Manager for Gmail and Android

Melanie Pinola  September 27, 2011

Want to ramp up your address book? Sure you do. Contact management app Xobni was in private beta when we last looked at it, but now the Gmail add-on and Android app are available for all, and now known as Smartr.

13 Gmail Plugins You Should Try Right Now

Nancy Messieh  July 18, 2011

Xobni for Gmail is still in private beta, but you can use it now on your Blackberry or through Outlook. The extension will automatically create your address book based on emails you receive, and on your phone you can add received phone calls and text messages to that list...

Comment ça Marche
Xobni lance une boutique d'applications pour son plugin Outlook

May 05, 2011

L'éditeur du célèbre gestionnaire de contacts pour Outlook vient de lancer un magasin d'applications permettant aux utilisateurs d'ajouter des services « à la carte » à leur plugin Xobni. Parmi les services séparés qui s'intègrent et se synchronisent avec le gestionnaire de contacts : des connecteurs LinkedIn, Yammer, Chatter (Salesforce) et des outils de productivité comme Dropbox ou Evernote.

PCWorld & ComputerWorld (IDG)
Xobni Launches App Platform and Store for Outlook Plug-In

Juan Carlos Perez  May 03, 2011

Xobni is launching an application development platform and store for its popular Microsoft Outlook plug-in, which has about 7 million users.

Xobni's New Gadget Store Could Make it the Gateway to Outlook

Anthony Ha  May 03, 2011

Social email service Xobni just announced the launch of what it's calling the Xobni Gadget Platform and Store, which will bring services like Dropbox and Evernote into Microsoft Outlook.

Xobni Opens App Store for Outlook

Jennifer Van Grove  May 03, 2011

Xobni for Outlook, an inbox plugin offering social intelligence and relationship management inside email messages, is opening an app store to users and developers Tuesday.

Xobni Launches App Market Using OpenSocial

Liz Gannes  May 03, 2011

Xobni, the email-as-a-platform company, is opening up its Microsoft Outlook sidebar app to other developers. The sidebar will now include a Gadget Store with free and paid apps like Evernote, Yammer, Facebook and Salesforce.

GigaOm/WebWorker Daily
Xobni Gadgets Bring Third Party Collaboration Tools to Outlook

Charles Hamilton  May 03, 2011

Xobni, a popular productivity add-on for Outlook that automatically displays additional information about email contacts, has announced that it is making available gadgets, third-party additions to Xobni that will allow well-known collaboration tools as Yammer, Chatter, Dropbox, Evernote and Salesforce to become an integral part of the Outlook interface.

Xobni Gadget Store offers Add-Ons for your Add-Ons

Jaymar Cabebe  May 03, 2011

Xobni, the popular and highly rated plugin for Microsoft Outlook has today announced the Xobni Gadget Platform and Store, which offers apps that add on to your add-on. With close to 20 big-name partners, including Dropbox, Evernote, Google Translate, Salesforce, LinkedIn, and so on, Xobni hopes to boost your productivity by souping up your Outlook inbox to yet another level.

Xobni Gadget store brings Dropbox and Evernote Support to your Inbox

Stuart Miles  May 03, 2011

Xobni, the company that helps you manage the contacts in Outlook by telling you who is important and who's not, has launched a new feature that brings in third-party details beyond social networks like Evernote and Dropbox.

ReadWriteWeb: Enterprise
Access Gadgets & Apps through Outlook with New Xobni Platform

Alex Williams  May 03, 2011

Xobni is launching a gadget platform and app store that allows you to run third-party apps in Outlook. It is fairly robust. Xobni is launching with a number of services. Application partners include Dropbox, Yammer, Atlassian, Salesforce.com and a host of others.

Xobni Makes Your Outlook Inbox Smarter with Collaboration and Productivity

Leena Rao  May 03, 2011

Xobni, the social email plugin that makes your inbox smarter, is going to make your Outlook email more productive today with the launch of a Gadget Store with apps from collaboration and productivity services such as Dropbox, Evernote, JIRA, Klout, Salesforce, WebEx, and Yammer.

Comment ça Marche
Managing your mailbox as a storage space with intelligent Xobni Pro

April 29, 2011

How quickly find information on its mail client? Given the amount of data accumulating, managing contacts or retrieve data / content (eg attachments) are tasks more time consuming. To overcome this difficulty, Xobni , a startup in California, offers an integrated contact manager with Outlook and BlackBerry, which is based on a tool for sorting / indexing information intelligent. Available in both free and professional Xobni gives users faster access to information of interest on their storage of emails, and gain and productivity. François-Xavier Chabrol, senior consultant in project management for the Group-Degetel and consulting company dedicated to integrating new technology uses Xobni-Pro to optimize the operation of its mail client. His feedback on the features and practical benefits of this tool.

Xobni for Gmail, the thing you never knew your email needed

Russell Holly  April 11, 2011

Xobni adds function to an already extremely powerful mail solution, and does so incredibly seamlessly. Xobni is one of those products that I could see Google buying in order to improve Gmail for everyone.

Work Smart

Amber MacArthur  April 01, 2011

Amber Mac shares another enchanting way to make your email life easier: Xobni, which is in-box spelled backwards. The company that puts x-ray vision into your mail has just released one of its slickest products yet. The Gmail version of their software puts a simple sidebar within your account so you can track your relationship history with your contacts. Not only is this handy to remember how you met someone, but as the tool pulls info from a sender's various social media profiles it's also an easy way to personalize your in-box with a contact's photo, Facebook updates, and Twitter activity.

Small Business Computing
How to Tame Microsoft Outlook with Xobni

Helen Bradley  March 29, 2011

The oddly-named Xobni is a popular add-in for Outlook and deservedly so. Xobni makes up for some of Outlook's weaknesses and delivers all the information stored in your Inbox to you in a way that's both meaningful and unlike anything Outlook offers. I'll show you how to find and get started with Xobni.

Globe And Mail
Xobni Turns Inbox Inside Out

Amber MacArthur  March 21, 2011

Since October 2008 I've exchanged 7630 e-mails with my brother and business partner, Jeff. The first of those was on October 16th, a message about advertising on our weekly podcast. There are about 133 people who regularly appear in our conversations, the most frequent being our company's communications manager Donald... While all of this information is available if I want to spend an hour digging through my Gmail account, a new service called Xobni (inbox, spelled backward) brings all this information and more to the forefront. The tool analyzes your messages and contacts, making it easy to manage business and personal relationships. Tech blog ReadWriteWeb calls it x-ray vision for your inbox, which is the best way to describe how it works.

Xobni Adds Context to your Contacts in Gmail

Whitson Gordan  March 21, 2011

Firefox/Chrome: Gmail's address book is nice, but isn't mind-blowing. Free extension Xobni automatically grabs info about your contacts from the web and puts tons of information right in Gmail's sidebar, including relationship history, mutual contacts, and even a photo... We've loved Xobni's Outlook plugin for a long time, and we're super excited to see it finally appear for Gmail, our favorite mail client. Xobni pulls information about everyone you email from message bodies, the web, and social networks to give you more information about them—even if they aren't on your contacts list.

Magic Email Sidebar Now Available for Gmail

Marshall Kirkpatrick  March 18, 2011

Once you've added x-ray vision to your email inbox, you'll never go back to life without it. The latest service to offer just that is Xobni, a high-profile startup that brought its Outlook plug-in out of Beta status a year ago next week. Today Xobni comes to Gmail and it looks really nice. The first 100 ReadWriteWeb readers who visit this link and enter the code XOBNI-RWW will be provided access to it. The company says iPhone and Android versions will open for testing within 90 days.

Xobni for Gmail Enters Private Beta; Android & iPhone Next

Jessica Dolcourt  March 18, 2011

It's been a while since we've heard from Xobni, the company best known for its Outlook organizer and later, its BlackBerry e-mail add-on. Today, it pops into focus once more, with a new product: an e-mail extension for your Gmail account. Called Xobni for Gmail, the free, limited private beta is an add-on for Firefox and Chrome that promises to go deeper than Google to bring context to the content of your Gmail account.

Xobni for Gmail is Here

Jennifer Van Grove  March 18, 2011

Xobni, a relationship management service that lives inside email inboxes, has long existed as an Outlook add-on. Friday, the startup is releasing its contact and social intelligence sidebar for Gmail through a browser plugin for Firefox and Chrome... The private beta release offers Gmail users access to the popular Xobni sidebar where they can perform fast contact searches and see an email contact's photo, job title, company and social network details.

Xobni is Coming to Gmail, Android and iPhone

Erick Schoenfeld  March 18, 2011

Ever since Xobni launched at the first TechCrunch 40, it's been about Outlook and then Blackberry. But those of us who use Gmail also want to make our inboxes smarter. Today, Xobni is launching aprivate beta for Gmail, and will soon also launch iPhone and Android apps. The first 100 readers to sign up for the Gmail beta will get in.

Xobni Pro Blends Xobni Plus, BlackBerry App

Clint Boulton  February 22, 2011

Xobni, one of the better in-box management tools in the market for Microsoft's Outlook e-mail program, is replacing its Xobni Plus offering with a new bundle called Xobni Pro, eWEEK has learned...

Review: Xobni Super Address Book Pro for BlackBerry

Justin  February 04, 2011

Xobni Super Address Book for BlackBerry is an application that takes the place of the native BlackBerry contacts list. Xobni bills itself as the Super Address Book, and it more than meets this claim. Xobni ranks your contacts based on how often and what type of communication you use with them. Read on past the break for a full review of Xobni and its amazing features.

Xobni Has Been Downloaded Over 100,000 Times in Two Weeks!

Justin  February 01, 2011

Xobni, the address book that adjusts to how you use your contacts, has officially been downloaded over 100,000 times. That's over 100,000 people that have started enjoying all the benefits of the Xobni address book in just the past 2 weeks. Xobni takes your default address book and supercharges it...

Xobni Announces Free App for Blackberry

prweb  February 01, 2011

Over 100K Downloads of the Automatic Address Book App Since Free Launch

Free Software For Suits - Box.net and the Freemium Business

Victoria Barret  January 27, 2011

Xobni, an add-on software for Microsoft's Outlook e-mail application, is managing to convince 12% of free customers to pay up, sometimes via their IT department bud gets or by simply using their corporate credit cards. "This is the opposite of how enterprise software has been sold," says Xobni Chief Executive Jeff Bonforte.

Xobni for BlackBerry Updated: Free Version Now Available

Robb Dunewood  January 13, 2011

One of my favorite BlackBerry applications, Xobni for BlackBerry, has been updated to version

BB Geeks
Xobni Super Address Book upgrades, adds free version

January 13, 2011

When it comes to contact management no one beats Xobni. We were introduced to them last year, and then were blown away when they marked the application down 80 percent in December. Now they've gone and taken their updates even further. Normally we don't write about routine updates to apps we cover, but Xobni has not only provided some new features, but they've also added a free version. It appears to be an excellent introduction to Xobni, and I'm sure it will get more than a few people hooked.

Free Version of Xobni for BlackBerry Now Available Along with Major Update

January 13, 2011

Xobni is having a great season with a major price reduction, update and the announcement of a new free version of Xobni.

Xobni Rolls Out v2.0.11 Update; Includes New Version

Bla1ze  January 12, 2011

If you've been holding off on Xobni due to its cost well that's not longer a concern with the free version version available. Give it a go, you'll see why most of the CrackBerry staff swear by it over the default address book.

Xobni for BB Major Update Plus Free Version

January 12, 2011

Xobni for BlackBerry now sitting pretty at v2.0.11! Oh it's looking so good! You have to see this list of features! We're so excited about this product… This product is just too good to be true.

Xobni for BlackBerry Updated to Xobni Pro; Also Brings Xobni Free

Zach Gilbert  January 12, 2011

Along side this massive update Xobni has announced they will be releasing a free version of their popular BlackBerry app. The free version is limited to a few core features but you will still be able to benefit from the awesome address book powered by Xobni.

Xobni for BlackBerry Updated and Adds Free App!

Mac Jadalhack  January 12, 2011

Great news from Xobni today! They have updated their premium Xobni application which is now known as Xobni Pro.

The Get Smart blog
Another Reason Email is NOT Dead: Xobni

December 21, 2010

In business we are constantly looking for innovative ways to add more to our plate without adding more to the time clock….in most cases that is a fools errand, until now! I am not sure how I am just now finding out about Xobni, they are a startup that has been around since 2006, but it is thanks to a LinkedIn blog post (actually it was a comment on this post) about LinkedIn's upcoming integration into Outlook (can't wait for this) that I stumbled onto this ridiculously cool tool!

Top 10 Enterprise Products of 2010

Klint Finley  December 06, 2010

Xobni brings new life into Microsoft Outlook with its social network integration and advanced search capabilities. This year, Xobni raised more money, added integration with Huddle and launched a platform for porting Gmail gadgets to Outlook.

PC World & CIO Magazine
Tis the Season... for Checking Email

Tony Bradley  November 23, 2010

The turkey is in the oven, football is on the big screen, the halls are decked, and the stockings are hung by the chimney with care. All of these holiday festivities mean that workers around the world will be on extended breaks from work...sort of. As it turns out, a majority of users will still be checking e-mail on a regular basis. Seriously? Yes, seriously. A survey from Xobni finds that six in ten American workers admit that they check work e-mail during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other holiday breaks.

No holiday e-mail break for Americans: survey

November 23, 2010

Americans will take a break from the office over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays but most won't stop checking their work emails, according to a survey released on Tuesday. The Harris Interactive survey conducted for Xobni, an email software firm, found that 59 percent of employed American adults will consult work emails over the holidays.

We Can't Stop Checkign Email Even At Thanksgiving

Athima Chansanchai  November 23, 2010

In a day, or two, we'll be a country in transit, braving enhanced pat downs and body scans to reunite with loved ones and take a few brainspa days from work. We're not going to sneak a peek at our e-mail while we're surrounded by the warmth of family and friends and stuffed with turkey, are we?

No Thanksgiving Holiday on Email

Jessica Dickler  November 23, 2010

Even on the cusp of a long weekend, there's no rest for the weary, according to a report Tuesday. The majority, or 59%, of working Americans check their work e-mails during Thanksgiving, Christmas and other traditional holidays, according to a survey by Xobni ("inbox" spelled backwards), a Silicon Valley startup that organizes Microsoft Outlook inboxes and address books.

USA Today & Mashable
Most Americans Check Work Email Over the Holidays

Radhika Marya  November 23, 2010

A new survey from Xobni and Harris Interactive says 59% of employed American adults check their e-mail during holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Of the 59%, more than half (55%) check their work e-mails at least once a day, while about 28% check their e-mails multiple times throughout the day.

PC Magazine
Americans Can't Stop Checking Email, Even over Holidays

Chloe Albanesius  November 23, 2010

The holidays are a time to turn off that BlackBerry or work laptop and relax without interupption for a few days, right? Wrong. A Tuesday study from e-mail plug-in provider Xobni found that 59 percent of people check their work e-mail on holidays like Thanksgiving. The study, commissioned by Xobni and conducted by Harris Interactive, found that among those who do check work e-mail...

More than Half of You will be Checking Email Over the Holidays

Leena Rao  November 23, 2010

We know that email has done away with the nine to five job but does anyone ignore emails over holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving anymore? A new study by email software company Xobni suggests that going completely offline from email over the holidays may also be a thing of the past. According to the survey, 59 percent of U.S. working adults will check work email over holidays.

Welcome to the Holidays: Filled with Turkey and Email

Matthew Ingram  November 23, 2010

If there's one thing that seems to define work in the digital age, it's the blurring of boundaries between our work lives and our personal lives. As we all know, work expands to fill the time available, and thanks to the ubiquity of email and instant messaging and smartphones and iPads, virtually any time is work time-- and that includes family-oriented holidays like Thanksgiving, according to a recent survey from Xobni and Harris Interactive.

Do You Check Work Email During Holidays?

November 23, 2010

A new survey from Xobni and Harris Interactive says 59% of employed American adults check their e-mail during holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Of the 59%, more than half (55%) check their work e-mails at least once a day, while about 28% check their e-mails multiple times throughout the day.

Is Email the New Frontier in the Google/Facebook War

Jeff Bonforte (Xobni CEO)  November 17, 2010

Earlier this week, Facebook released its Social Inbox and set off a flurry of press about the perseverance of email and the epic battle between Google and Facebook. But this isn't only about email, nor is the fight really between Google and Facebook (and others in the social web), because the relationships users have with each is vastly different (and fairly complimentary).

Xobni Updated with OS 6 Support and More!

Ronen Halevy  November 09, 2010

Xobni let us know that they have updated their BlackBerry app to a new version which adds support and integration with BlackBerry 6 along with loads of other features.

Xobni Updates - Adds 6.0 Support, Better UI and More

Mac Jadalhack  November 09, 2010

Xobni has gone through an awesome update this time around to v1.0.88.9. Of course as some of you Torch users were waiting for, there is support now. With that said all BlackBerry 6 devices work with Xobni as well. Theres a bunch of other new features and updates in this build.

Xobni Updated with BlackBerry 6 Support and more

November 09, 2010

Xobni has updated their very useful BlackBerry app to support BlackBerry 6 as well as theyve added a few other features. Here is a breakdown of Xobnis support for BlackBerry 6 and the new features...

BlackBerry Rocks
Xobni Super Address Book App for BlackBerry Updated

Mauricio  November 09, 2010

The Xobni team let me know theyve released a significant update to their Super Address Book app for BlackBerry smartphones. Xobni Mobile is an app that dramatically expands the address book with features like automatically creating profiles, Super App functionality, integration with LinkedIn, Facebook and more...

Xobni for BlackBerry Updated to Support OS 6

Adam Zeis  November 09, 2010

Our friends at Xobni let us know that they have made some great updates to Xobni for BlackBerry. The latest version brings along OS6/Torch support as well as some cool updates and minor bug fixes. Version is hot off the presses and ready to roll.

The Economist
Your Own Private Matrix

November 09, 2010

As people create more such self-tracking data, firms will start to mine them and offer services based on the result. Xobni, for example, analyses peoples inboxes (xobni spelled backwards) to help them manage their e-mail and contacts. It lists them according to the intensity of the electronic relationship rather than in alphabetical order...

The Guardian
Elevator Pitch: Teamly delivers 'real-time appraisals'

Scott Allison  November 09, 2010

I'm inspired by companies like Huddle, Dropbox, Evernote or Xobni, they've all built fantastic brands and businesses with great products that fulfill a need...

Xobni for BlackBerry is Now 6.0 Compatible!!

Rezn  November 09, 2010

One of our favorite applications, Xobni Mobile has now made it's way to the BlackBerry Torch! But that's not all, the new build is also 6.x compatible with other devices running a 6.x OS, and even updated for the 5.x OS users too!!

The Berry Fix
Xobni Gets Updated and Receives OS 6 Support

Zach Gilbert  November 09, 2010

One of my favorite apps for BlackBerry..beside BerryBuzz, is Xobni. Xobni is what I like to call a smart contact list. Most people including me don't like having thousands of contacts in my address book, I talk to a few people everyday and those I need a full contact card for. With Xobni you can have thousands of contacts on your BlackBerry without having them on you BlackBerry...

How Xobni Went from Email Add-On to Productivity Platform

Jennifer Van Grove  October 29, 2010

Xobni's Outlook-enhancing social sidebar may seem like one of many tools on the market—think Rapportive, Liaise or Gist— aimed to improve inbox productivity, but the startup is maturing past the stage of simple utility and fast becoming a grown-up business.

CNN Online
Your Vacation Need Not Annoy Your Online Pals

Andrea Bartz and Brenna Ehrlich  October 27, 2010

Well, with the rise of the smartphone and the growing ubiquity of in-flight Wi-Fi, we're about as addicted to tech as your average hipster is to heartache and broken dreams (read: very). Case in point: According to research from Xobni and Harris Interactive,72 percent of people in the U.S. check e-mail during their time off.

TechCrunch France
Xobni lance enfin la version francaise de son plugin Outlook pour la gestion des contacts

Roxanne Varza  October 26, 2010

Xobni (le mot "inbox" écrit à l'envers), vient de lancer la version française de son plugin Outlook pour la gestion des contacts. La startup issue du YCombinator en 2006 s'est lancée sur le marché allemand en mai après avoir établi un partenariat avec le Viadeo d'origine allemande, Xing.

Xobni Gets Huddle Integration

Simon Mackie  October 12, 2010

A new version of Xobni, a popular search and relationship management add-on for Microsoft Outlook, is being released today, including integration with Huddle, a cloud-based collaboration suite. Huddle data will appear in Xobni's sidebar, providing users with visibility of project workflows, the most recent communications between team members and ready access to the latest versions of uploaded files in their inboxes.

Xobni Brings Gmail Gadgets to Outlook

Sarah Perez  October 12, 2010

In May, email management company Xobni introduced a new platform which allowed developers to port their contextual Gmail gadgets to Outlook. Using the APIs (application programming interfaces) provided by Google, third-party developers were able to integrate their services into the inboxes of Google Apps users. Xobni, as one of participating developers in Google's new initiative, took Gmail's Gadget platform a step further: it allowed developers to piggyback on the Xobni Outlook plugin to port those Gmail gadgets to Outlook, too.

Make your Email more Social and Collaborative with Xobni and Huddle Integration

Klint Finley  October 12, 2010

Enterprise collaboration SaaS Huddle and Outlook plugin vendor Xobni announced this morning a partnership to bring Huddle into users inboxes via Xobni. Huddle's Xobni gadget will display a user's Huddle activity stream, shared workspaces and latest files. Xobni already pulls profile information from sources such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Salesforce.com, but Huddle integration bring a new dimension to the plugin as an professional collaboration tool.

Xobni Gives Microsoft Outlook Users More Enterprise Options

Matthew Lynley  October 12, 2010

Xobni, which provides users with a customized version of Microsoft Outlook with advanced search options, announced today it is launching a new line of plugins for Microsoft Outlook users that will let them see previews of images, videos and other information feeds from Flickr, Yelp, Huddle and YouTube without leaving their email inbox.

Xobni CEO Jeff Bonforte Gives Fascinating Keynote At StartupCamp

October 05, 2010

The keynote speaker at StartupCamp was Xobni CEO Jeff Bonforte, who has been actively involved in the future of communications for years, dating back to his involvement in what became the Gizmo Project (Gizmo5), and to his executive roles with Yahoo!'s Real-time Communications Group.

Better email for BlackBerry

Tamlin Magee  September 24, 2010

We headed over to the fancy Soho Hotel in, er, Soho this week to have a chat with Jeff Bonforte, CEO of a promising start-up from Silicon Valley that has been on the back-burner but is due for bigger things.

PC Authority
Xobni Plus, The Good Gets Better

Dave Bayon  September 21, 2010

We've long been fans of Xobni's Outlook-enhancing talents, but few of us in the office have felt inclined to shell out for the full Plus version. So, with version 1.9.2 we thought we'd give it another chance to prove its worth.

The Guardian
Tech Weekly: Email Overload (Podcast & Article)

Aleks Krotoski   September 21, 2010

On this week's programme we discuss the waning influence of email, as users turn to different tools to communicate more effectively with one another. Are priority inboxes the answer? Or is a whole new method of communication in order? We speak with Jeff Bonfiorte from Xobni (it's inbox, spelt backwards) who explains why email isn't dead, just misunderstood. He offers his insight on how to reach the fabled Inbox Zero.

Email Overload Fix: 3 Sentence Emails

Jon Orlin  September 18, 2010

The inbox has become the "dreaded inbox" for so many people. A recent study by Xobni claimed 1 in 5 Americans check email either as the first thing they do in the morning or the last thing at night. 26% of Americans feel they can't handle or feel overwhelmed by the number of emails they receive during vacation.

Xobni for BlackBerry: Addressbook Magic Goes Mobile

Rick Broida  September 16, 2010

Xobni, of course, is the Outlook plug-in we all know and love. The new Xobni Mobile brings much of the same contact-management goodness to your BlackBerry.

Top 10 BlackBerry Apps Installed on BB Storm

Robb Dunewood  September 15, 2010

Xobni, inbox spelled backwards, is the ultimate address book for your BlackBerry. Xobni organizes your contacts in order of importance based on the frequency that you interact with. Contacts that you send and receive calls, emails, and sms messages with the most appear at the top of your contacts list. Xobni, using Xobni One, can even connect to your Xobni for Outlook running on your PC...

Top 13 Newsworthy BlackBerry Apps

Paul Rubens  September 14, 2010

When it comes to mobile apps, August saw an important update to Xobni for BlackBerry, the bizarrely named but very smart address book app for your mobile device. Xobni compiles and updates itself automatically by trawling your email, SMS phone logs and calendar data, and pulls in information from FaceBook and LinkedIn as well. It also ranks your contacts in terms of the frequency with which you communicate with them so your most important contacts are always at the top...

Email Tsunami Overtakes Us - Even in the Bedroom

Dennis McCafferty  September 13, 2010

Isn't E-mail supposed to make communications much faster and more efficient than, say, a good old-fashioned phone conversation or, Heaven forbid, a fax? Then why are we trapped in the non-stop grind of keeping up with our in-boxes? Most American professionals routinely check work-related E-mail outside of office hours, according to 2,200 adults surveyed by Harris Interactive on behalf of E-mail solutions vendor Xobni...

TechRadar UK
25 Best BlackBerry Apps

Mary Branscombe  September 10, 2010

A few people have spent years creating their address book in Outlook, keeping it up to date and syncing it to their BlackBerry; the rest of us can use Xobni to do the work. Xobni grabs contacts automatically from emails, phone calls, meetings, text messages, LinkedIn and Facebook - and arranges them by how often you're in touch. Flick the trackball up when you're writing a message to find and add contacts from Xobni. If you have Xobni for Outlook you get even more contacts.

ABC News
7 Tips for Overcoming Email Overload

Ki Mae Heussner  September 08, 2010

When it comes to e-mail, it's easy to feel like you're always playing catch-up. Especially after a long weekend or holiday away, managing an overflowing inbox can seem like a never-ending battle. But e-mail experts say that with a bit of discipline—and a few tricks and high-tech tools—it's possible to tame the beast.

PC World
Did Email and the Internet Kill the 9-5 Workday?

Tony Bradley  September 04, 2010

Have you checked your work e-mail today? If you're like most employees in the United States and United Kingdom, the answer is yes despite the fact that it is not only the weekend, but an extended holiday weekend for most workers in the US. A day off is becoming an increasingly foreign concept as workers stay connected virtually 24/7...

5 Outlook Plugins for Users with Gmail Envy

Klint Finley  September 02, 2010

If you're more focused on search instead of filing, Xobni, which we've covered several times offers a powerful search functionality. And if you're suffering from Rapportive envy, Xobni also brings social network profiles right into your inbox. And for those really interested in "e-mail as a platform" Xobni has a development platform for both Outlook and Gmail.

Email Overload Means We're Never Not Working

Alexia Tsotsis  September 02, 2010

A new study by email software purveyor Xobni confirms what we bloggers know to be true, there's actually no such thing as a day off in the Internet age (Want more visceral proof than an email study? Check out the timestamp of this post).

Survey: Email Eats Up Your Time Off

Don Reisinger  September 02, 2010

The 9-to-5 workday is dead. And so are vacations, sick days, and weekend relaxation, according to a new study from Outlook add-in maker Xobni...

Computer Business Review
Dolly Parton and the death of 9-5

Steve Evans  September 02, 2010

"Tumble outta bed/And stumble to the kitchen, Pour myself a cup of ambition/Yawnin, stretchin, try to come to life; Jump in the shower/And the blood starts pumpin; Out on the streets/The traffic starts jumpin; And folks like me on the job from 9 to 5" So sang Dolly Parton on her 1980 hit 9 To 5, and who are we to argue? Well, Xobni says that the 9-5 working day is over because the constant pressure of the modern world means workers feel compelled to check emails all the time.

The Truth about Email: We Check it All the Time

Jennifer Van Grove  September 02, 2010

E-mail has invaded every aspect of our lives. We don't need a survey to tell us as much, but new research from Xobni and Harris Interactive confirms that we're not alone in dealing with e-mail overload.

Survey: 19 Percent of Americans Check Email in Bed

John Egan  September 02, 2010

You've heard of breakfast in bed, right? Well, now there's a much more modern phenomenon happening on mattresses across the United States: Email in bed. A new survey commissioned by Xobni, a provider of contact management products, indicates...

Survey Shows We're All Checking Email Way Too Often

Kevin Purdy  September 02, 2010

Xobni, makers of an Outlook plug-in that improves your email contacts and analytics, did a little analyzing of their own through a survey of 2,200 U.S. workers, and more in the UK. The results are anything but happy...

BlackBerry Rocks
Xobni Mobile for BlackBerry Now Available in AppWorld

Mauricio  September 01, 2010

Those of you that prefer getting your apps from the App World can now take advantage of this awesome address book app...

Xobni for BlackBerry Now Available in BB AppWorld

Adam Zeis  September 01, 2010

If you've been holding off on purchasing Xobni for BlackBerry, now you can grab it directly from BlackBerry App World. If you haven't yet heard of Xobni, it creates a contact list based on addresses and information pulled from emails, giving you a big, fat contact list that is extremely easy to manage and convenient to use...

Xobni Mobile for BlackBerry Now Available from your Device

September 01, 2010

The living breathing email love quest known simply as Xobni set their sights on RIM's very own BlackBerry App World yesterday. And since Xobni has saved our butts so many times, we thought we'd let you know that it's just a click away now!

PC Magazine
10 Apps that Make You More Productive

Sean Carroll  August 27, 2010

If you're like most Microsoft Office 2010, you spend hours a day in Outlook, managing your e-mail, appointments, and contacts. But as indispensible as Outlook is, no-one's completely happy with it. That's where Xobni comes in. This outstanding Outlook plug-in helps you search faster, communicate better, and just get more done. It's the best tool we've found to help you wade through the daily flood of e-mail.

PC Magazine
Xobni Review - Editor's Choice

Dan Costa  August 17, 2010

If you're like most professionals working in Microsoft Office ($499 direct, ), you spend hours a day in Outlook, the touchstone of the modern professional work day, managing your e-mail, appointments, and contacts. But as indispensible as Outlook is, none of us are completely happy with it. That's where Xobni (Free, $29.99 Plus version) comes in, a free Outlook plug-in that helps you search faster, communicate better, and just get more done. I have been using it for months and find it the best way to wade through mountains of e-mail and my cacophony of contacts...

Xobni Beta With LinkedIn Integration Now Open to Public

Mac Jadalhack  August 10, 2010

Back in July, we let you know about Xobni rolling out its new beta with LinkedIn integration, better performance, and a bunch of other new features. We just got the word from Xobni that the same beta version (tuned up a bit of course) is now open to the public to download...

BlackBerry Cool
Xobni Beta Now Publicly Available with LinkedIn Integration

August 10, 2010

Back in July we wrote about a private Xobni beta that featured LinkedIn Sign-in integration and this beta is now available to the masses. Xobni (inbox backwards) are well known for their popular Microsoft Outlook add-in that allows you to manage your email and contacts, as well as discover more about those you work with...

Xobni Beta with LinkedIn Integration Now Available to Everyone to Try Out

Bla1ze  August 10, 2010

The folks at Xobni have let us know their BlackBerry beta has been rolled out to the masses. Everyone is now welcome to download and check out the application. As we noted in our "What's on a CrackBerry BlackBerry?" article, mostly everyone asked had Xobni installed. If your contact list and inbox is a little messy then Xobni is a sure bet to help you clean up that mess...

Xobni Releases New BB Beta with LinkedIn Integration

Robb Dunewood  July 26, 2010

I know that just before Xobni was officially released, I gave it a little flack about taking so long to come out, however, since it has, it arguably has become one of, if not the most used 3rd party BlackBerry applications on my device.

Video Interview

Rich Terani  July 23, 2010

Xobni for BB Beta - Rolling out Bug Fixes and Improved BB Performance

Bla1ze  July 23, 2010

In our "What's on A CrackBerry BlackBerry" article, Xobni was insanely popular among the staff here. And with good reason as well. If you all listen to the CrackBerry podcast you've likely heard Adam profess his love for that many times as well but also, heard him mention of a few bugs that still remain. No worries though, Xobni has sent out their latest beta version to some of the original beta testing using and it has looked at and improved upon many users feedback...

New Xobni for BlackBerry Beta Released

Mac Jadalhack  July 23, 2010

This is under private beta for the time being now, but we decided to let you know what's new in this version. As a quick recap for those who don't know what this application is, Xobni is a very powerful email utility that works with Microsoft Outlook keeping your contacts readily available all the time.

BlackBerry Cool
Xobni for BlackBerry Beta Updated with LinkedIn "Sign-In" Integration

July 22, 2010

Xobni (inbox backwards) are well known for their popular Microsoft Outlook add-in that allows you to manage your email and contacts, as well as discover more about those you work with. Xobni for BlackBerry is a great way to find contacts on your device as the app sorts them based on frequency of communication and gives you one click access for getting in touch with these contacts.

Connecting to Social Networks from Outlook

Dustin Puryear  July 13, 2010

This probably isn't news to many, but Outlook 2010 is going to connect to social networks like Facebook. (I've also heard that LinkedIn is in the works.) This isn't new technology, at least not outside of Microsoft. For example, I personally use Xobni and love it.

What's on a CrackBerry BlackBerry

Ryan Blundell  July 07, 2010

We all know that CrackBerry is the source of information for BlackBerry applications. There are so many out there. On CrackBerry, you can easily read up on new and updated apps, in depth reviews and even pick up applications from the CrackBerry App Store. While we do get to take a look at some incredibly interesting applications, one thing I get asked is, "What do you use?"

Outlook: Cloudy

Simon Bisson  June 23, 2010

...Drilling down deeper, I use Xobni to manage my contacts. It used to be a desktop only service, but now it uses cloud tools to throw even more analytic power at my address book. It's nice not having to hammer my desktop with indexing operations, but just where is that address book now? Things have got even more blurred, as all my Xobni data is now appearing on my BlackBerry, synchronised using the cloud to mediate errors and issues.

Wall Street Journal
The Daily Start-Up: Xobni Goes Back to the Box

Russell Garland  June 17, 2010

Venture-backed Xobni has come up with a marketing idea that, while not exactly unique, could be effective - sofware in a box. The New York Times reports that Xobni - inbox spelled backwards - which offers its Microsoft Outlook add-on free on the Web, is now selling its email software in boxes in bricks-and-mortar stores...

A Silicon Valley Star Tries Out the New World

Michael Copeland  June 17, 2010

...Xobni (sounds like "zob-nee") is not abandoning the mouse for keyboard macros, or rendering everything in an amber color, nothing so dramatic, or bone-headed, rather it is for the first time selling its $29.95 premium version software in a box (a basic version is available free online). That's right, for all of you Web-heads who have never seen software arrive anyplace but from some button you pushed in your browser; as of this week Xobni's software can now be found burned on a CD, inside some folded cardboard, and get this, if you want, you can walk in and buy it in a store. About 3,500 stores including Fry's and OfficeMax (OMX) outlets as of Wednesday, says Xobni CEO Jeff Bonforte...

Xobni goes retro, selling boxed version in retail stores

Anthony Ha  June 16, 2010

With Microsoft Office 2010 launching in retail stores this week, Forrester analyst JP Gownder has said that the popular productivity suite is shouldering the defense of packaged software in general. Here's one sign that he's right: Social email plugin Xobni, which was previously only available as a download from the Web, is releasing a boxed software version to be sold alongside Office.

Xobni Goes Back In Time With Boxed Software

Leena Rao  June 16, 2010

Social email startup Xobni is channeling Microsoft today. The company is now selling the premium version of its product, called Xobni Plus, which the company rolled out last year, in a number of stores. The boxed software, which will be featured in stores right next to the newly released Microsoft Office 2010 software, will be sold at Office Max, Fry's and a few other brick and mortar establishments, putting Xobni in 3,500 stores in total. Xobni Plus will also be sold on Amazon.

New York Times - Bits Blog
Xobni Takes a Retro Approach and Sells Boxed Software

Claire Cain Miller  June 16, 2010

For the first time, Microsoft, which has always sold its Office software in boxes, is providing Office 2010 free on the Web. Meanwhile, Xobni, which has always offered its Microsoft Outlook add-on free on the Web, is for the first time selling boxed software in stores.

Xobni-in-a-box: Retro brick-and-mortar sales for this Outlook add-on

Jessica Dolcourt  June 16, 2010

It's funny to think of the Xobni in-box tool in a box, but that's exactly what will happen; as soon as Wednesday, in fact... A packaged version of Xobni is a new move for the product, traditionally a downloadable Windows add-on for Microsoft Outlook that can quickly index and search the contents of your in-box.

PC Magazine/AppScout
Xobni Boxing Its Outlook Plug-In to Sell in Stores

Chloe Albanesius  June 16, 2010

Xobni is taking a retro approach to marketing. The Outlook plug-in, which debuted in 2008, announced Wednesday that it will soon offer a physical version of its software in stores...

Xobni Brings BlackBerry Email to the 21st Century

Hillel Fuld  June 13, 2010

...In terms of Xobni's features, the list is not very long, and chances are you will not be using Xobni every day, but trust me when I tell you that when you do need this app, you will be very happy it is there.

Google Apps Developer Blog (Guest Post)
Xobni Brings Gmail Contextual Gadgets to Outlook – with Zero Work for Gadget Developers

Jeff Bonforte  June 11, 2010

The new Gmail contextual gadgets platform announced at I/O last month is bringing renewed innovation to the inbox. Using this new simple but powerful platform, developers can write new innovative gadgets for users of Google Apps and Gmail. But to offer the same gadgets to Outlook's 600 million users, a developer would need to do quite a bit of extra work...

PC Advisor (UK)
REVIEW: Xobni Plus

Matt Egan  June 04, 2010

An Outlook plug-in that costs $29 may not sound compelling but, against all expectation, Xobni Plus is an organisational aid that rocks.

How to Organize Your Contacts for Networking Success

Dan Schawbel “Personal Branding Guru”  June 03, 2010

Xobni for Microsoft Outlook (Free): Microsoft Outlook can help you manage your address book, but with the Xobni add-on, you can integrate the social media profiles of your contacts. This means you'll receive additional contact information that wouldn't normally be included in your address book.

CIO Australia
Outlook 2007: 10 Top Tips

Preston Gralla  June 02, 2010

Microsoft's Outlook Social Connector and the third-party Xobni are both free, and both work from right inside Outlook to do the integration. Xobni is the more comprehensive of the two. It grabs information about your contacts directly from Facebook, LinkedIn, and to a lesser extent Twitter, and displays them right within Outlook. So, for example, you can follow a person's tweets as well as her Facebook and LinkedIn updates.

PC World/ComputerWorld
Microsoft Outlook 2007: 10 Top Tips

Preston Gralla  June 02, 2010

Microsoft's Outlook Social Connector and the third-party Xobni are both free, and both work from right inside Outlook to do the integration. Xobni is the more comprehensive of the two. It grabs information about your contacts directly from Facebook, LinkedIn, and to a lesser extent Twitter, and displays them right within Outlook. So, for example, you can follow a person's tweets as well as her Facebook and LinkedIn updates.

PC Magazine
REVIEW: Xobni Mobile (BlackBerry OS)

Jamie Lendino  June 01, 2010

Bottom Line: Xobni Mobile super-charges your BlackBerry's address book with a set of detailed, social network-enhanced profiles for your contacts.

How To Geek
Xobni Plus Review

mysticgeek  May 28, 2010

...Once you get started, you'll find the sidebar is nicely laid out and intuitive to use. If you live out of Outlook during the day, Xobni Plus is a great addition for fast and powerful searches. It provides an easy way to keep all of your contacts and messages well organized and easy to find...

TechCrunch Europe
Xobni launches German version, partners with XING

Mike Butcher  May 20, 2010

Xobni, the popular Outlook plug-in for searching and managing contacts in Microsoft Outlook, is launching a German verion. It makes sense. German speakers are their second biggest set of users according to the company...

Stern Magazine (Germany)
Mehr Hirn fur das Postfach

Von Karsten Lemm  May 20, 2010

(GERMAN) Eine kleine Firma aus Kalifornien tritt an mit einem großen Ziel: uns allen das Leben mit der E-Mail-Flut zu erleichtern. In den USA schon populär, bringt Xobni seine kostenlose Outlook-Erweiterung nun auch auf Deutsch heraus...

Xobni Creates Development Platform for Gmail & Outlook

Curt Hopkins  May 19, 2010

Xobni, the contacts- and email-management company, is using the Gmail API we reported on earlier today, to create a developer platform for killing two birds with one stone. Using Xobni, developers will be able to make contextual gadgets for Gmail and easily port them over to Outlook.

PC Pro
REVIEW: Xobni Plus

David Bayon  May 19, 2010

We've long been fans of Xobni's Outlook-enhancing talents, but few of us in the office have felt inclined to shell out for the full Plus version. So, with version 1.9.2 now out in the wild, we thought we'd give it another chance to prove its worth...

PC-Site (UK)
REVIEW: Xobni Plus (5 Stars)

John Hillman  May 18, 2010

Xobni Plus is a very useful tool that allows you to quickly find people, files and messages in your inbox. At first glance you may question why you would need to download a tool that does the same thing as Outlook's own search tool. The answer is that Xobni not only does everything Outlook Search does, but does a hell of a lot more and does it all much, much faster.

Xobni Puts Gmail Gadgets Inside of Outlook

Erick Schonfeld  May 18, 2010

...Xobni is doing something else that could prove even more interesting. It is releasing a developer preview which lets any developer port their Gmail gadgets to Outlook. Xobni, of course, is a popular Outlook plug-in. Read more: http://techcrunch.com/2010/05/18/xobni-gmail-gadgets-outlook/#ixzz0oKcIAviw

Wall Street Journal
New Twists in the Email Wars Between Google and Microsoft

Nick Wingfield  May 18, 2010

...One Google software partner, Xobni, is even working to bring Gmail apps to an unlikely destination: Outlook, the Microsoft email program that's nearly ubiquitous inside big companies. Xobni (that's inbox spelled backwards) makes a popular add-on program for Outlook that gives its several million active customers speedier email search functions and links to social networks from within Outlook.

PC-Site (UK)
Xobni Plus - It's Outlook, but not as we know it!

John Hillman  May 12, 2010

Xobni has been growing in popularity since it launched the free email manager back in 2007. Now it offers a new improved full-featured version, called Xobni Plus, delivering the most powerful inbox control tool we've ever seen...

The Microsoft Blog (Seattle PI.com)
Xobni Invades Redmond with Targeted Advertising

Nick Eaton  April 22, 2010

Look up in the sky, Redmondians! It's a plane! What's it doing? Why, it's advertising Xobni, of course. The 40,000 or so Microsofties in Redmond are the targets of a new campaign from the Silicon Valley company, which makes a popular Outlook add-on...

Wall Street Journal
Xobni Takes to the Streets and Skies Above Microsoft

Nick Wingfield  April 22, 2010

Xobni's best customers used to be Microsoft employees. Now the San Francisco startup plans to make a scene at Microsoft's headquarters to win them back...

Xobni Takes Enterprise Push to Redmond

Doug MacMillan  April 20, 2010

Workers at Microsoft's corporate headquarters in Redmond, Wash. are being courted by a much smaller software maker. This week, Xobni spent thousands of dollars advertising its email tool – a free add-on for Microsoft Outlook – on shuttle buses, local radio stations, and other attention centers in and around the Redmond campus. The goal: win over a big corporate customer, one employee at a time.

Product Review: Xobni

Jessica Dolcourt  April 15, 2010

The free Outlook add-on Xobni beats the pants off Outlook's built-in e-mail search. While Xobni's core talent lays in rapidly finding e-mails and contacts based on any keyword search, it also excels at surfacing meetings and file attachments, hyperlinks, and even personal information extracted from social networks, like photos and phone numbers.

Tech Tools and Tricks to Boost Productivity

Arik Hasseldahl  April 12, 2010

Timothy Ferriss, author of The 4-Hour Workweek, says the key to being productive lies not in trying to do everything but in choosing what not to do... "One easy trick is to cut down on time spent on e-mail. If you use Microsoft Outlook, Ferriss suggests an add-on program called Xobni, which is "in box" spelled backward. The program adds an extra layer of information about the mail you send and receive.

Know Your Mobile
Xobni Mobile Review

Mary Branscombe  March 31, 2010

Jeff mails you but you want to call him back. His mail doesn't have his phone number in but he sent it to you when you first met last year. How likely is it that you bothered to copy it into a contact and synced it to your BlackBerry? With Xobni, you don't have to. It grabs incoming contact details and builds an address book for you that also pulls together phone calls, emails and text messages you've exchanged, meetings you've been at, who you know in common and what their details on LinkedIn and Facebook are.

New York Times
Xobni Arrives on the BlackBerry

Claire Cain Miller  March 17, 2010

For Outlook users who are addicted to Xobni, an add-on service that organizes and searches e-mail messages and contacts, it has been frustrating to use Xobni-less e-mail on smartphones.

Wall Street Journal
An App with a Knack for Contacts

Katie Boehret  March 17, 2010

...If you use a PC, Microsoft Outlook and a BlackBerry, Xobni offers a smart solution for automatically organizing all of your contacts into one place and allows for your contacts to be stored somewhere other than just in Outlook or just on your mobile device...

Review: Xobni Mobile and Xobni One

Jessica Dolcourt  March 17, 2010

...If you're one of the many BlackBerry-toting hot shots who fret about the fastest, least laborious way to get their work contacts onto their phones, I have an answer for you. Or rather, Xobni does...

BlackBerry Cool
Xobni for BlackBerry and Xobni One Now Available for Download

Kyle McInnes  March 16, 2010

Xobni for BlackBerry is officially out of beta testing and available to all. Xobni (inbox backwards) are well known for their popular Microsoft Outlook add-in that allows you to manage your email and contacts, as well as discover more about those you work with...

Xobni for BlackBerry Creates Magic Address Book

Brian Osborne  March 16, 2010

...I was surprised at how easily Xobni for Outlook was able to pull together an address book from the email I had within Outlook and I can definitely see the advantage of it on my BlackBerry...

Xobni Mobile for BlackBerry Released!!!

Ronen Halevy  March 16, 2010

...Xobni does its magic by including all the contacts you have ever emailed or received emails from including characteristics like if you were CC'ed. They deeply integrated their application into the BlackBerry OS so that you can perform most of the functions with ease...

Xobni Mobile for BlackBerry Smartphones Now Available

Adam Zeis  March 16, 2010

...In my opinion Xobni is one of the few "absolutely must have" apps for BlackBerry...

Xobni Launches Outlook-Related BlackBerry App

Jamie Lendino  March 16, 2010

Xobni, the Microsoft Outlook add-in developer, has unveiled Xobni for BlackBerry, a contact enhancement and synchronization tool for BlackBerry smartphones.The company claims the app "reinvents the address book" by automatically generating profiles for all contacts, even those that you haven't manually added to your address book.

Xobni Hits the BlackBerry

James Kendrick  March 16, 2010

Xobni — Inbox spelled backwards — is one of those email utilities that when you try it you wonder how you lived without it

Xobni Mobile Now Available on BlackBerry Smartphones

Matt Brian  March 16, 2010

After attracting nearly 5 million downloads of its Outlook add-in, Xobni has today announced the availability of a new application for Blackberry smartphones.

Xobni Mobile Comes to BlackBerry

Christina Warren  March 16, 2010

Think of Xobni as kind of a cross between something like what Apple's Spotlight search, Google's contact tools and a synchronized address book like Plaxo. Xobni Mobile for BlackBerry is designed to make it possible to access all of your most important contact info — irrespective of whether or not a person is in your BlackBerry Address Book — directly from your phone.

Xobni for BlackBerry: A Smarter Address Book

Ginny Mies  March 16, 2010

If you're a power BlackBerry user, you've probably experienced the annoyance of scrolling through a long contact list to find who want. Xobni Mobile, a new app for BlackBerrys, is here to help.

Xobni Launches Mobile, cloud products; Opens gate for new platforms

Sam Diaz  March 16, 2010

...With advancements like this from companies like Xobni, it's comforting to know that the technology to merge address books and create rich profiles for my contacts is finally coming of age...

Fast Company
Xobni's BlackBerry App Re-Thinks Contact List, Reorders by Importance, but Can it Save BlackBerry?

Dan Nosowitz  March 16, 2010

...Instead of a traditional alphabetical list (the alphabet is so uncool these days), Xobni for BlackBerry scours through your emails, text messages, phone calls, and other communication to create a new contact list in order of importance...

Xobni for BlackBerry Now Available: Mobile Contact Mgmt. Redefined

Al Sacco  March 16, 2010

You may never use your BlackBerry contacts application, or address book, in the same way again. I know I won't. As long as the new Xobni for BlackBerry application is available, that is.

Xobni Launches Mobile App for BlackBerry

Oliver Chiang  March 16, 2010

Xobni, a San Francisco-based startup that builds products to help people manage their email and relationships, on Tuesday launched Xobni Mobile, its first smart phone application for BlackBerry.

Xobni Launches for BlackBerry

Dan Worth  March 16, 2010

...The new software will give BlackBerry users the ability to better manage and maintain their address book information by taking advantage of the program's automatic indexing, profiling and ranking capabilities...

Xobni Mobile Now Available on BlackBerry: Contacts Book on Crack

Kate Solomon  March 16, 2010

If you've ever found yourself scrabbling back through your BlackBerry inbox for the address of someone you know for a fact you emailed once in 2008, then the newly-launched Xobni for BlackBerry may be just what you need...

Microsoft Outlook is Starting to Look Like a Poor Man's Xobni

Erick Schonfeld  February 17, 2010

...The new social features make it look a lot more like Xobni, the social email startup backed by Vinod Khosla that Microsoft looked at buying nearly two years ago. Well, a poor man's Xobni. With Xobni, which itself is a plugin for Outlook, you can pull in relevant contact information, photos, and social stream data from both LinkedIn and Facebook today...

Pocket-Lint (UK)
Software to Improve your Life - Xobni

Dan Sung  February 05, 2010

The trouble with Outlook is that, despite its multiple windows, it's still far too focused on letting the user do just one task at a time. So, meet Xobni which will open up a whole new world of freedom and multitasking for you. Xobni is a plug-in for Outlook which opens up a new side pane on the right of your screen which itself has a number of different uses and sections.

10 Free Online Sales Tools for 2010

January 26, 2010

(Xobni) is a free add-on to Microsoft Outlook that turns it from an email system into a powerful sales tool...

CRM Watchlist 2010

Paul Greenberg  January 25, 2010

It's still very apparent that many small businesses, salespeople and solopreneurs depend heavily on email to stay connected with customers and prospects. As much as we talk about tweets, videos and blogs, most of the 1-to-1 interactions happen on the phone or via email.

LA Times
Xobni Takes Over Twitter's Old Offices

Jessica Guynn  January 15, 2010

You can measure the success of a start-up in square footage. Just ask Xobni. A few weeks ago, Xobni moved into Twitter's old offices in the South of Market area of San Francisco. With 30 employees, it could no longer squeeze into the offices that it first occupied with four people in 2007.

BlackBerry Buzz: Xobni Goes 'Berry

James Kendrick  January 12, 2010

We have been long-time fans of Xobni — "Inbox" spelled backwards — the Outlook add-on that adds a lot of power to the program. We previously deduced that Xobni would be coming to the BlackBerry, but nothing for a while.

Hands on with Xobni for BlackBerry

Mac Jadalhack  January 11, 2010

Another goody at the Consumer Electronic Show this year was Xobni for BlackBerry. We've been following Xobni (inbox spelled backwards) for quite a few months now, and we were definitely excited to see this hands on experience

BlackBerry Cool
Xobni for BlackBerry - CES 2010

Nan Palmero  January 10, 2010

Xobni (inbox backwards) is getting closer to having their application prepared for BlackBerry goodness. If you're unfamiliar, Xobni is currently an add-on for Outlook that makes searching a snap. It indexes your emails, then allows you to search them all with keywords, names or just about anything else you can throw at it...

LAPTOP Magazine
Xobni Shows Off Inbox-Organizing Tool for BlackBerry

Dana Wollman  January 09, 2010

In the past, we've written about Xobni, an Outlook plug-in that groups e-mails into threaded conversations, ranks contacts based on how often you communicate with them, and creates profiles for people including all of their contact information and their title. Now, Xobni is trying to clean up mobile inboxes as well, starting with the BlackBerry platform.

Inside BlackBerry
Xobni Hands On Demo

Douglas Soltys  January 08, 2010

As a BlackBerry smartphone user, I naturally take email very seriously. That's why I'm a huge fan of Xobni (it's inbox spelled backwards), a Microsoft Outlook plug-in that enhances your email experience in a variety of different ways.

LAPTOP Magazine
CES Reader's Choice Awards

January 07, 2010

When Xobni first appeared as a plug-in for Outlook, we quickly warmed to the way it helped organize our inbox and make searching through messages easier. Now, Xobni is out to make your BlackBerry inbox less unwieldy

Active Rain (Real Estate Blog)
Xobni - A Tool that will Make You Look Good

January 01, 2010

Earlier this year I discovered and wrote about Xobni - an add on tool for Microsoft Outlook. I started using the free version (yes it's free). But it didn't take me long to realize how powerful this little tool was so I decided to go ahead and purchase. I think it cost about $30 dollars.

Tech 'n Marketing
Xobni - a Must for Every Outlook User

December 28, 2009

Xobni is an add-on for Microsoft Outlook that is a must for all outlook users. I use Outlook for all my work emails with clients and customers and Xobni has really touched on the key missing features of Outlook, and offers an easy-to-use plugin to fix all the issues.

San Francisco Chronicle
Year in Review: Social Networks Come of Age

Benny Evangelista  December 24, 2009

...Choi uses a plug-in from Xobni Inc. of San Francisco that integrates Microsoft Outlook with her social networks, so photos, status updates and other information are visible within the e-mail program...

Wall Street Journal
Business Apps Offer Social Tools

Nick Wingfield and Ben Worthen  November 19, 2009

...Smaller start-ups like Xobni Corp. also have found significant audiences by forming connections between social sites and business applications. The moves are the latest sign of how consumer-oriented technologies—from instant messaging to Apple Inc.'s iPhone—are invading the workplace and forcing companies to adapt to advances that boost productivity...

PC World
How to Choose a Hosted Email Solution

Michael Scalisi  November 17, 2009

...Another reason to consider Exchange is if you rely on third party apps that tie in closely with Outlook. Xobni, for example, is a great contact management and social networking tool that works with Outlook exclusively...

Xobni Updates Its UI, Gains Monetizable Extensions

M.G. Siegler  November 16, 2009

Tonight, Xobni is selectively allowing users to download a new version of its client with a number of UI enhancements. This launch coincides with Xobni's new Salesforce extension. This is notable because it marks the launch of premium extensions for the first time, that give the company a new potential revenue stream...

Xobni Wrings Time Savings Out of Outlook

Kevin McLaughlin  November 16, 2009

Xobni -- that's "inbox" spelled backward -- makes a plug-in for Outlook that builds profiles of a person's contacts that incorporate phone numbers, e-mail conversations and attachments, and then links this information to social networking Web sites. Xobni displays the profiles neatly in a sidebar within Outlook, and its sophisticated analytics engine enables it to organize large caches of data to let users quickly find what they're looking for.

Wall Street Journal
Why Can't We Choose Our Office Technology?

Nick Wingfield  November 15, 2009

...In my case, I've installed a search engine called Google Desktop that lets me quickly scour my hard drive for files, and a product by Xobni Corp. that does something similar for Outlook email, even though neither is approved by my IT department. And those programs have made a world of difference. In a simple test, it took Outlook two minutes to track down an email from a few months ago, based on a few search terms. Xobni found the message before I finished typing the words.

Fertile Ground for Startups

Spencer Ante  November 12, 2009

Who needs job security? In June 2008, as the recession was moving from bad to worse, Caterina Fake gave up a comfortable, executive-level job at Yahoo! (YHOO) to launch a company... Fake isn't alone in betting on that. A crop of potentially groundbreaking companies is emerging from the wreckage of the Great Recession...

RIM Shows New BlackBerry Features

Arik Hesseldahl  November 09, 2009

Finally, I talked with Jeff Bonforte, CEO of Xobni, on Friday, a terrific plug-in for Microsoft Outlook that not only makes your mail highly searchable, but turns every bit of contact information that appears in your email into a super address book. Xobni will today demonstrate the first fruits of the investment it received from RIM's Blackberry Partners Fund....

Sneak peek: Xobni e-mail app for BlackBerry

Jessica Dolcourt  November 09, 2009

A few months ago, e-mail search app Xobni told us they were creating a version for BlackBerry. At the BlackBerry Developer Conference in San Francisco on Monday, we got a look at it...

Xobni for BlackBerry Coming Soon! Gonna Rock Our World?

Ronen Halevy  November 09, 2009

Xobni just stood up at the BlackBerry Developer Conference and came out with an impressive showing of their application. They stated that 50% of their desktop plugin users are BlackBerry users. The also said that an average user has 500 contacts and the contact information is incorrect for over 50% of those contacts.

In the Briefing Room: Xobni Enterprise

Cody Burke   November 05, 2009

The challenge for any new tool that fights Information Overload is to gain the legitimacy that is necessary to apply it in an enterprise setting...

Financial Times
Life in an Interconnected World

Richard Waters  November 03, 2009

The Digital Age has bred a new class of information slaves. They process endless streams of e-mail or waste time hunting for information on their hard disks and corporate intranets. Edited and re-edited versions of the same document bounce back and forth on long e-mail threads among co-workers, challenging them to keep up.

Personal Service Gets Business Flavor: Xobni and SugarSync

Rafe Needleman  November 03, 2009

IT pros will often tell you that a lot of consumer technology isn't ready for the enterprise. It's not secure, it's not priced correctly, it can't be administered, yada yada. That doesn't stop businesspeople from using consumer tools in their jobs, though. It just stops the people who make the tools from profiting from their use.

Seattle Post-Intelligencer - The Microsoft Blog
Popular Microsoft Add-On Makes Move for Enterprise

Nick Eaton  November 03, 2009

Silicon Valley, the home of Apple and Google, is known for its anti-Microsoft mentality. But the world's largest software company has a friend in one small California tech firm: Xobni.

Maximum PC
Xobni Releases Enterprise Solution for Outlook Users

Paul Lilly  November 03, 2009

We first covered Xobni's plugin for Microsoft Outlook in our '20 Essential Tricks Every Outlook Users Needs to Know,' and apparently we weren't the only ones impressed with it. Xobni has notched over 3 million downloads in its belt and has drawn the attention of IT managers interested in deploying the plugin to their employees. They're about to get their wish.

Wall Street Journal
Updating Office on the Cheap

Nick Wingfield  November 03, 2009

...Xobni—"in box" spelled backwards—says users have downloaded more than three million copies of its software, which is free of charge for a basic version and $29.95 for a more advanced edition. Last year, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates featured Xobni in a presentation at a Microsoft technical conference...

IDG (Computerworld, CIO, Networkworld)
Xobni CEO talks about CIOs, Gmail and 'Getting Things Done'

Eric Lai  November 02, 2009

The new Xobni ('inbox' spelled backwards) Enterprise server software lets IT managers centrally deploy and manage the company's plug-in to employees' client PCs, Xobni CEO Jeff Bonforte said in an interview last week. During that interview, he also talked about why the San Francisco startup isn't afraid to buck Web 2.0 peer pressure and how it's catering to David Allen's influential time-management philosophy, Getting Things Done.

Xobni Enterprise Launches as Salve for Corporate Microsoft Outlook

Clint Boulton  November 02, 2009

Xobni Nov. 2 took the plunge into the business market, releasing a secure version of its e-mail search plug-in to let IT administrators give their employees an easy way to sift through content in their Microsoft Outlook inboxes.

Xobni Goes Enterprise 2.0

Sarah Perez  November 02, 2009

Xobni, the Outlook plugin that reveals the hidden social network in your inbox, has today launched a business service called Xobni Enterprise. With this, I.T. administrators are being given new tools to deploy and manage the plugin across corporate desktops. In addition, the company is offering customizable extensions for popular enterprise systems including Salesforce CRM, SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics, and others. It can even tap into a company's own information store saved in an LDAP...

IT Pro
Xobni Moves to Enterprise with New Release

Nicole Kobie  November 02, 2009

A new edition of Outlook add-on Xobni is bringing in some enterprise-friendly features... Xobni is a free add-on that brings better organisation and search to Microsoft Outlook's calendar and email as well as integrating social networking sites. It claims it saves the average user as much as half an hour a week.

Xobni Launches Enterprise Version of its Improved Inbox

Anthony Ha  November 02, 2009

Xobni, the company that improves Microsoft's email application Outlook by showing you more data about your contacts, is aiming for bigger and bigger customers — it just announced an enterprise version, which includes new features like integration with Salesforce.com's sales application and Microsoft's SharePoint collaboration technology.

Xobni Adds Enterprise Appeal

Daniel Robinson  November 02, 2009

Email management firm Xobni has released a tool designed to help organisations manage and deploy the company's namesake plug-in for Outlook which allows users to easily find information in their inbox.

Maximum PC
20 Essential Tricks Every Outlook User Needs to Know

Paul Lilly  October 28, 2009

Xobni is one of those plug-ins where, once you use it, you'll wonder how you ever got along without it. Once installed, you'll be able to search through your contacts faster than was otherwise possible, but that's only the beginning...

Xobni Launches Twitter Access Within Outlook

September 30, 2009

With the Xobni Outlook plugin, users can send tweets and direct messages, view the Twitter updates from their contacts, post retweets, and follow or unfollow users all from within Outlook. Xobni says this is just the first step to providing Twitter information within Outlook.

Xobni Brings Twitter To Your Inbox

September 29, 2009

Earlier tonight, Xobni quietly released, at least to some users, a new version of its Outlook plug-in that brings Twitter streams into your email in an intelligent way. Instead of acting like any other Twitter client and showing you the full stream of everyone you follow, it shows you only the recent Tweets of the person whose email you are reading, whether or not you follow them on Twitter.

New York Times
Xobni Takes the 'Freemium' Route

Claire Cain Miller  July 16, 2009

For all those Microsoft Outlook users who cannot imagine using their e-mail without the help of Xobni, the free software that makes Outlook e-mail much more bearable, a new version comes out Tuesday night that will supercharge the tool. The catch: you have to pay for it.

Xobni Charges for Outlook Add On

Doug MacMillan  July 16, 2009

If youre an e-mail pack rat like me, you let your inbox fill up with thousands of messages of varying degrees of importance knowing you will need to refer to some old conversation or contact at some point down the road. The problem is, the e-mail client used by a vast majority of businesses, Microsoft Outlook, does a poor job of managing all that mail.

Xobni Decides To Start Making Money, Launches Premium Upgrades For Your Smarter Inbox

Jason Kincaid  July 15, 2009

Xobni, a startup that looks to make your inbox a little less chaotic, is well known for walking away from an acquisition offer from Microsoft last year, not long after being publically complimented by Bill Gates. Since then the service has continued to grow, with over 2 million downloads in the last year and an avid user base.

PC World
Xobni Meets Facebook, Right Inside Outlook

BRENNON SLATTERY  April 28, 2009

Xobni, the company that's making it easier for users to integrate their lives with Microsoft Outlook, has just broadened its Facebook add-on to include live streaming buddy updates.

Motley Fool
Ignore Y Combinator at Your Own Risk

ANDY LOUIS-CHARLES  April 28, 2009

Xobni, an e-mail software maker, was demoed by Bill Gates at Microsoft's Developer Conference in early 2008

Feed Me: Xobni Going Live With Full Facebook Stream Tonight

JASON KINCAID  April 27, 2009

Now you"ll be able to see this information at a glance directly from your Outlook mail client, which is obviously far more efficient than having to manually check your Facebook page.

Xobni brings Facebook streams into Outlook

ANTHONY HA  April 27, 2009

Its easy to see why a Xobni user would benefit from seeing not just a correspondents Facebook or LinkedIn profile (which Xobni already allows) but also their most recent activity on Facebook as published in their stream, since that might provide more up-to-date and relevant information.

More Facebook On the Desktop: Xobni in Outlook

BEN PARR  April 27, 2009

Now, email management software Xobni, which we featured as a great implementation of Facebook Connect, has taken advantage of the new features as well.

San Jose Mercury News
Facebook gives users more flexibility

SCOTT HARRIS  April 27, 2009

Xobni, a startup intended to enhance Microsoft Outlook, also rolled out technology to allow its users to view the Facebook feed within the Outlook inbox.

San Francisco Chronicle
Facebook's latest assault on Twitter

VERNE KOPYTOFF  April 27, 2009

E-mail plug-in Xobni plans to allow users to see their contacts' full Facebook stream within their Outlook inbox

Boston Globe
E-mail add-ons can tame even the peskiest inbox

HIAWATHA BRAY  March 26, 2009

For sheer versatility, my favorite e-mail helper is Xobni

Will Xobni Help BlackBerry Take On the iPhone?

ARIK HESSELDAHL  March 25, 2009

Investing in Xobni makes sense in light of features Apple plans for its forthcoming iPhone operating system upgrade, says Michael Gartenberg, an analyst at market research firm Interpret.

CNET Webware
Xobni takes in funding, exits beta

RAFE NEEDLEMAN  March 25, 2009

In other words, it should work acceptably quickly for users with large e-mail installations, such as Xobni investor Josh Kopelman. Passing "The Kopelman Experiment," Brezina says, was a key milestone during development.

Email startup Xobni leaves beta, raises $3.2M

ANTHONY HA  March 25, 2009

Even in beta mode, Xobni has been downloaded 2 million times, he says. The company plans to roll out premium versions (in other words, versions with enhanced search and relationship management, that you actually have to pay for) later this year.

Xobni Leaves Beta, Adds Features, Takes in Funding

SARAH PEREZ  March 25, 2009

In this release, Xobni has also included additional user controls which will allow users to better customize Xobni's behavior. This feature is designed to help people with "underpowered" computers to take advantage of the plugin. (Can we say netbooks?) The controls let you customize the indexing times and configure a delayed load when Outlook starts, among other things.

Download Squad
Xobni drops beta, organizes your Outlook info faster

BRAD LINDER  March 25, 2009

The new version doesn't come with any shiny new features, but it it does have a number of improvements under the hood that let Xobni and Outlook work better together. For instance, Xobni loads faster, loads messages better due to caching, and users can controlho woften and how much of their email is indexed by the plugin.

San Jose Mercury News
Like it? Pixazza helps you find it and buy it online

SCOTT HARRIS  March 25, 2009

Xobni also announced "a major upgrade" to its product, improving search and management so much better, it says, that it dropped the "beta" label.

National Post
BlackBerry Partners Fund makes investment in Xobni

DREW HASSELBACK  March 25, 2009

This team is off-the-charts good. Virtually all of the hot buttons you hear from the VC community, these guys nailed em.

Globe and Mail
BlackBerry Partners Fund to give boost to Xobni

MATT HARTLEY   March 25, 2009

Xobni Corp.'s moniker may be "inbox" spelled backwards, but it's the company's forward-thinking e-mail management ideas that have attracted the attention of the BlackBerry Partners Fund.

Web Worker Daily
Xobni Loses Beta Tag, Adds Speed

Simon Mackie  March 25, 2009

Xobni, a very useful Microsoft Oulook plug-in that weve covered with glowing reviews previously, has droppped its beta tag with version 1.7, released today.

Xobni Now Out of Beta

WARNER CROCKER  March 25, 2009

Xobni is now out of Beta and it is still free. The folks at Xobni are touting that the program now loads faster and has better customization to allow you to take advantage of the sidebar for your need, among other improvements.

Phones Review
Can BlackBerry (RIMM) battle with iPhone? New Xobni

STAFF  March 25, 2009

The iPhone is one of the most talked about smartphones at the moment and a question we would love answered is Can BlackBerry (RIMM) battle with iPhone? The reason we ask this is because with the new Xobni investment can the above be true.

Washington Post
BlackBerry Partners Fund Invests About $3 Million Into Outlook Plug-in Xobni

TRICIA DURYEE  March 25, 2009

The investment will go towards the companys second round of funding. In early January, it raised $7 million from Cisco Systems (NSDQ: CSCO), Khosla Ventures, First Round Capital, Baseline Ventures and Atomico. In total, it has now raised more than $10 million in the round.

Wall Street Journal
Startups Juggle Platforms, Prioritization


Email management company Xobni said its initial decision to target one platform, Microsoft Office, paid off, allowing it to focus its resources on one core group of customers.

Making Sense of Email

TOMIO GERON  February 17, 2009

The software creates a sidebar on a user's Microsoft Outlook screen, where a wealth of information is displayed for every email that arrives.

Top 10 Outlook Boosters

KEVIN PURDY  February 14, 2009

One download gives you a look at all your email in/out data, fuller contact cards, speedy indexed search that also remembers corporate hierarchy (so you can find, for instance your contact's secretary), Gmail-like conversation threads, and a lot more

Marketing Professor
Social Networking Overwhelm, Integrated Social Profiles in Outlook

TRAVIS CAMPBELL  February 05, 2009

It is a time saver. For those in online marketing, speed of information is just as important as information quality. I'm finding that centralizing these social networking profiles creates awareness of my connections and this can create more opportunities to connect with them and add value.

Review: Xobni free email manager

DAVID PHELAN  January 23, 2009

Its speed and seamless integration are what make this a stand-out product.

The Web Conference Blog
Xobni for Email Management

DAVID CHAO  January 14, 2009

Overall, Xobni is a great application to have. If you have issues with email management, want to capture back countless hours of searching for information that you never end up finding, download Xobni now! -David Chao, Manager NA Sales, WebEx

Xobni el plugin perfecto para Outlook (Spanish)

FERNANDO SCHEPS  January 09, 2009

Finding e-mails is really simple and Xobni accomplishes what other add-ons never could, results appearing REALLY FAST without sacrificing computer resources

New York Times
Cisco Funds Xobni, the Outlook Search Tool

CLAIRE CAIN MILLER  January 05, 2009

"Cisco and Xobni actually share a very similar vision of using collaboration," said Sandhya Venkatachalam, director of corporate development at Cisco. They both "center the experience around the people one wants to communicate with."

Xobni Closes $7 Million B Round Led By Cisco

ERICK SCHONFELD  January 05, 2009

Smarter-email startup Xobni has raised $7 million in a B round of financing from Cisco Systems

Xobni raises $7M to battle Outlook's email overload

ANTHONY HA  January 05, 2009

By making related content (phone numbers, past messages, files exchanged, and more) immediately accessible, Xobni helps you avoid fruitless or time-consuming searches through giant piles of email

Xobni raises cash from Cisco

RAFE NEEDLEMAN  January 05, 2009

The company blog discusses a "focus on our premium business, and address the growing interest from our enterprise customer base," which meshes with Cisco's business model.

With Microsoft in Sight, Cisco invests in Xobni

OM MALIK  January 05, 2009

In a blog posting, the company said that their Outlook add-on software has been downloaded more than 1.5 million times. They are currently conducting product trials with Fortune 500 companies.

Must-Have Free Windows Programs

GINA TRAPANI  December 30, 2008

One of our favorite sources of free downloads, the Freewaregenius blog, posts their top 10 list of lesser-known, "must have" free programs and we're on board with most of the list, which includes Digsby, Everything, Launchy, Xobni, and the KMPlayer.

The Top Freeware of 2008

RICK BROIDA  December 29, 2008

The Outlook add-on I can't live without, Xobni adds much-needed search capabilities along with social-networking features so you can instantly find your contacts on LinkedIn, Facebook, and the like. Hard to believe it's still free — not that I'm complaining.

PC World
Get More From Outlook With Hassle-Free PC

RICK BROIDA  December 02, 2008

It's the fast and easy searching that makes Xobni a must-have tool, especially for Outlook 2003 users (Outlook 2007 does have decent mail-search capabilities, but none of Xobni's other amenities). Incredibly, Xobni is free, at least while it's in beta (which it has been for quite a while). Don't tell the company I said so, but I'd gladly pay a few bucks for it.

TechCrunch: Xobni Adds Yahoo Mail, Facebook, Skype, Hoovers, And The Kitchen Sink

ERICK SCHONFELD  November 19, 2008

Jeff Bonforte never met an API he didn't like. The CEO of Xobni, a startup that makes an outlook plug-in that makes your e-mail smarter, has been busy getting his team of engineers to integrate every possible API they can think of into the service.

Lifehacker: Xobni Incorporates with Your Facebook Profile, Yahoo Mail, and Skype

ADAM PASH  November 19, 2008

Xobni is a must-have for anyone looking to get more from Outlook, and today the plug-in gets even better. That's because Xobni now integrates Facebook, Yahoo Mail, Skype, and Hoover company profiles directly in the Xobni sidebar,

WebWorkerDaily: Xobni Brings Even More to Your Outlook Inbox

SCOTT BLITSTEIN  November 19, 2008

As we connect with people through so many various channels, having a way to tie these communications together and connected to your contacts is becoming more critical. If you're an Outlook user, these Xobni improvements look to be a step in the right direction.

Download Squad
Xobni brings Skype, Facebook, Yahoo! integration to Outlook

BRAD LINDER  November 19, 2008

Xobni is a plugin for Outlook that adds advanced search and social functions to the email client.

eWeek: Xobni Social Inbox Friends Facebook, Yahoo Mail, Skype, Hoovers

CLINT BOULTON  November 19, 2008

Xobni is a messaging and collaboration startup whose application brings social contacts from other consumer and enterprise applications to Microsoft Outlook inbox. Xobni today has integrated with Web services Yahoo Mail, Facebook and Hoovers, as well as from VOIP communications provider Skype

Ars Technica: Xobni Outlook plug-in gets more social, integrated

DAVID CHARTIER  November 19, 2008

Xobni, the virtual life preserver for those who are drowning in Outlook e-mail, is back with a major update.

IT PRO: Email is the new smoking

Simon Bisson & Mary Branscombe  October 18, 2008

Does email suck up more time than I'd really like? Definitely. Could I give email up for a week and still have any work coming in? Probably not. What I really want it more tools like SNARF and Xobni that let me deal with the key messages without spending time wading through messages that can be filed unread in case I ever need the information in them.

IT Pro: Fused with my Xobni

NICOLE KOBIE  October 14, 2008

It made me really, really miss Outlook-add-on Xobni, which is a work of pure genius; it makes Outlook useful and functional.

Inc.: Cool, Determined & Under 30

DONNA FENN  October 01, 2008

Xobni, co-founded by Adam Smith and Matt Brezina, hopes to transform Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) Outlook inboxes into social networking tools.

Associated Press: You've got mail, again: Tips for e-mail overload

HILLARY RHODES  September 24, 2008

The makers of Xobni, which is "inbox" spelled backwards, say their Microsoft Outlook plug-in speeds up the process by "threading" conversations (grouping responses together).

Huffington Post: The Quantification of Everything

Esther Dyson  September 17, 2008

Whom do you write to most, and who writes to you? Which of your friends have you not pinged since the last online holiday card? Who answers quicker in the morning vs. the afternoon?

Business Week: CEOs' Take on Twitter

DOUGLAS MACMILLAN  September 08, 2008

Mashable: 20+ Tools to Make Any Email Inbox More Social

DORIANO CARLA  August 29, 2008

If you want extended information about the people that send you emails then checkout Xobni, which snaps inside Outlook and displays many new details about senders and all of the emails that you've exchanged with them. The service now connects directly to users' LinkedIn accounts if they own one, which opens a whole new world of possibilities.

TheStreet.com: Xobni Email Plug-In Makes Search a Cinch

JONATHAN BLUM  August 25, 2008

Right from the beginning, Xobni can optimize search for email on older versions of Outlook that don't support the new search features found in Microsoft's Vista, the company's most recent operating system. I found the performance far better than other third-party desktop search tools, such as Google Desktop.

Technology Review: TR35

OM MALIK  August 20, 2008

Smith's goal is to help people unlock and harness the social relationships embodied in their in-boxes. The first version of Xobni (inbox spelled backwards) is a plug-in for Microsoft Outlook and works only on Windows computers--but the results are remarkable.

Lifehacker: Email Innovations You Want in Your Inbox

GINA TRAPANI  August 18, 2008

The free Xobni add-on for Outlook is probably the most developed and feature-rich of the current crop of advanced email search products

The Guardian: Elevator Pitch: Nivio can synchronise your digital life

SACHIN DUGGAL  August 11, 2008

Outlook email tool Xobni - I use that about 30 times a day

CNET: Venture capital investing: What's next?

STEPHANIE OLSEN  August 06, 2008

One example of this would be an application that tells an executive who he or she e-mails the most and responds to fastest. Is it a boss or a co-worker? Xobni, "inbox" spelled backwards, is a plug-in for Outlook that provides that kind of information, including context from the Web about a person who's just e-mailed you.

Orlando Sentinal: Use technology to clear inbox, get things done

ETAN HOROWITZ  August 03, 2008

If you use Outlook, download the free Xobni plug-in, which has an incredible search function that reduces the need for lots of folders with detailed names.

Wall Street Journal: Xobni Can Make Good Old Email Even More Useful

WALT MOSSBERG  July 31, 2008

Xobni turned my Outlook experience from one that was organized by messages and dates into one that was organized by people, relationships and histories.

LA Times: You've got too much e-mail

LESLIE BRENNER  July 31, 2008

Another program, Xobni ("in-box" backward) determines the "hot zones" when a person tends to receive the most e-mail

Inc: Technology Tools: E-mail's Little Helpers

RYAN UNDERWOOD  July 29, 2008

Best For Managing Your Contacts

Netword World: Podcast/Video: Xobni & Co-Founder Matt Brezina

MITCHELL ASHLEY  July 24, 2008

If you aren't using the Xobni plugin for Microsoft Outlook, then its time to upgrade from stone knives and bear skins to some new email + social networking tools.

New York Times: Facebook Conference Report: News From Xobni, Zynga and iLike

BRAD STONE  July 23, 2008

Xobni, the Microsoft Outlook plug-in that we wrote about last month, says it is adding Facebook information to its service. That means social information from Facebook –- profile pictures, mutual friends and status updates will appear inside Xobni's useful Outlook sidebar tool alongside the names of people that users have previously e-mailed.

LAPTOP Review: Xobni (Beta)

JOANNA STERN  July 21, 2008

With all the functionality and useful tools rolled into Xobni, it's hard to believe this program is free. Its speedy search results and ability to extract useful contact information and attachments makes this time-saving application a must-have for any Outlook user.

Forrester Research
What The Startup Xobni Teaches Tech Vendors About Innovation

Chris Andrews  July 16, 2008

The company is notable for the simplicity and strength of its value proposition, as well as what it shows about the state of technology market innovation.

The Washington Post
Address Book Programs Need to Network to Get Ahead

Rob Pegoraro  July 10, 2008

"The best you can get is a free plug-in for Outlook called Xobni"

Download.com (Home Page): Ultimate Email Stats

EDITOR  July 08, 2008

The ultimate Outlook add-on, Xobni is a veritable e-mail data mine. It can tell you how often you and your boss communicate, and when, open e-mails, find attachments, and help you schedule meeting requests from a colorful, retractable interface.

CNET: Featured Freeware: Xobni

SETH ROSENBLATT  July 03, 2008

Xobni integrates into your Outlook installation and shows you more about your e-mails than Outlook ever could.

PC Magazine: Xobni Updates with LinkedIn

OLIVER RIST  July 01, 2008

...this thing rocks. For email-heavy SMBers, Xobni not only better organizes your inbox, it also lets you use email as a tool in new ways.

Wired (Print Edition): The Great American Timesuck

CLIVE THOMPSON  July 01, 2008

Among other cool tricks, Xobni spots hidden patterns in your email usage. It identifies, for intstance, who your most important contacts are, what time of day they typically send email, and how long it takes you to reply to one another.

Washington Post: Xobni Gets Even Better with LinkedIn Data for Your Contacts

JASON KINCAID  June 26, 2008

Xobni, the email startup that we've described as "The Superplugin for Outlook", has partnered with LinkedIn to automatically pull contact information from the popular professional network.

PC World: Xobni Outlook Add-On

KEVIN C. TOFEL  June 04, 2008

This free application is a must-have for anyone who lives in Outlook. It provides functionality that Outlook should deliver natively, and does so without affecting the e-mail client's performance.

The Guardian: Technophile

KATE BEVAN  June 04, 2008

I think Xobni is brilliant: it's made my absurd inbox very much more manageable and useful.

Orlando Sentinal: Gaining control of your e-mail

ETAN HOROWITZ  May 10, 2008

Stop the chaos in your Outlook! A free download allows you to quickly navigate your inbox to find the information you need.

SmartBiz: Xobni Turns Your Outlook Inbox Inside Out

RICH KARPINSKI  May 07, 2008

Xobni - "inbox" spelled backwards -- provides tools for making it easier to deal with the onslaught of email to your Outlook inbox.

ITProPortal: Xobni comes out of Beta to rock Microsoft Outlook's world

DESIRE ATHOW  May 07, 2008

Contact management tool Xobni has been officially released yesterday after nearly seven months of Invite-only beta and could be a life-saving tool for users who depend on Outlook to communicate with the rest of the world.

Scenta: Xobni Outlook add-on launches into beta

May 07, 2008

The company says that with email volume growing rapidly Xobni helps users quickly find and understand what's in their inbox, freeing up wasted time.

TechCrunch: Xobni Acquires IP From Failed Web 1.0 Startup FireDrop


Xobni CEO Jeff Bonforte says the Zaplet idea was a good one, just too early. And that's why they've acquired much of the intellectual property of FireDrop from MetricStream.

eWeek: Xobni is No Yahoo, but Would Do Microsoft Good

CLINT BOULTON  May 06, 2008

The San Francisco startup emerged May 5 from beta with its in-box socialization software, a tool that hundreds of millions of Microsoft Outlook users may download to organize their e-mail by relationships.

VNUNET.com: Xobni touts social network for the inbox

CLEMENT JAMES  May 06, 2008

Displayed as a sidebar in Outlook, Xobni's proprietary technology analyses emails in the same way that the human brain naturally understands communication, according to the firm.

ars technica: Hands-on with Xobni: make Outlook more productive, social

DAVID CHARTIER  May 06, 2008

A new plug-in for Microsoft Outlook, called Xobni, claims that it can help you "organize your flooded inbox." It even offers contact management and discovery features, some of which led Bill Gates to call Xobni "the next generation of social networking."

ITWire: Xobni outs Outlook inadequacies

STAN BEER  May 06, 2008

Xobni indexes and organises all the email information you have locked up in Outlook and then lets you search for it and find it quickly.

InformationWeek: Xobni Makes Outlook Searchable And Social

THOMAS CLABURN  May 06, 2008

"Right now, people have to go and dig through some kind of separate folder that has all their contact information for someone, which I think is totally absurd," said Brezina. "If I'm looking at an e-mail from you and I want to call you, I don't have to have to do any extra work. I just want to see your phone number."

eFluxMedia: Xobni For Outlook Is Here To Deal With Your Messy Inbox

DEE CHISAMERA  May 05, 2008

For all the Microsoft Outlook users out there: the solution to all your inbox frustrations is here!

WebFuture.de: Mail-Verwaltung neu erfunden: Xobni Beta ge�ffnet

ROLAND QUANDT  May 05, 2008

Konkret handelt es sich um eine Art Add-On f�r den E-Mail-Client, der daf�r sorgt, dass alle Nachrichten schnell durchsucht, geordnet und analysiert werden k�nnen.

The Boston Globe: Plug-in aims to ease Outlook searches

BRAD STONE  May 05, 2008

Xobni has ambitions that extend well beyond Microsoft Outlook. Jeff Bonforte, a 35-year-old former Yahoo vice president, joined Xobni as chief executive in February. He plans to expand Xobni's reach to various e-mail programs as well as to social networks like Facebook and Linkedin.

Mashable: Xobni Enters Public Beta

Stan Schroeder   May 05, 2008

Last time we wrote about Xobni, the e-mail organizer that plugs into your Outlook and makes your e-mail-related life easier, it was entering an invite-only beta. As of today, Xobni is in public beta and everyone can try it by downloading it from the official site.

PC Pro: Xobni now open to all

TIM DANTON  May 05, 2008

Xobni's key benefits are for anyone who uses Outlook. If that includes you, we recommend you download it today.

CNET: OK, just admit that Outlook's lame--and fix it, already

CHARLES COOPER  May 05, 2008

Xobni, which came out of beta testing today, has received a bounty of attention because its backers include Vinod Khosla and Niklas Zennstrom. (Getting a freebee compliment from Bill Gates hasn't hurt.)

New York Times: If You Use Outlook E-Mail, Meet Xobni

BRAD STONE  May 05, 2008

The free downloadable software can index all of your Outlook e-mail and make messages quickly and easily searchable.

Lifehacker: Xobni Beta Now Open to the Public

May 05, 2008

Previously in invite-only beta, Xobni adds email analytics, better contact cards, fast search, threaded conversations, and more to your Outlook inbox.

PC World: Xobni Revamps Inbox: Adds Social Networking Twist to Outlook

TOM SPRING  May 05, 2008

Based on the premise your Outlook inbox is in desperate need of a revamp a company called Xobni has introduced a free beta version of a program designed to turn Outlook on its head.

PC Magazine
Outlook Slowing You Down? Enter Xobni


Tired of waiting for Outlook to peruse thousands of e-mails in your inbox to find a message you received three weeks ago? Xobni wants to help.

VentureBeat: Xobni launches email organizer for Outlook

Matt Marshall  May 04, 2008

Xobni, the San Francisco company we raved about last year that offers a way to better organize your email from Outlook, is launching publicly with its test version.

Webware: Xobni makes Outlook better, but where's the business?

RAFE NEEDLEMAN  May 04, 2008

Xobni integrates into your Outlook installation and shows you more about your e-mails than Outlook can itself.

JKOnTheRun: Freeware of the Moment- Xobni

JAMES KENDRICK  April 22, 2008

Today I got an invite to the Xobni closed beta from good friend Steven Hughes and decided to give it a shot. Boy am I glad I did as it has already made a big impact on my productivity.

Washington Post: Tips Galore for Slaying the E-mail Beast

ERIK LARKIN  April 09, 2008

For Outlook he looks at an add-on called Xobni that can help sift and organize your messages - though you have to request an invite to participate in the Xobni beta.

CNET: New Outlook add-on cuts through the inbox clutter

DENNIS O'REILLY  April 07, 2008

Xobni is one of those programs that makes you wonder, "How do they do that?" When you select a message, information about your correspondence with the sender appears in the Xobni pane to the right of the message window in Outlook 2007 and 2003.

Recruitment Times: Save Time Searching for Client, Candidate and Staff Data - Power-Up MS Outlook

March 01, 2008

In between calls to clients and candidates are you struggling to manage important information in your Outlook inbox? How much time do you waste trawling through folders in your inbox, sent items and deleted items for important information?

Newsweek: Reinventing the Inbox

CHRIS FLAVELLE  February 28, 2008

One of the leading startups in this new field is Xobni. The San Francisco firm hopes to capitalize on dissatisfaction with swelling IN boxes that make the eyes glaze over.

Los Angeles Times: Come for brunch. Bring billions.

JESSICA GUYNN  February 26, 2008

Xobni Corp., a San Francisco start-up that helps people better organize and search their e-mail and contacts.

ReadWriteWeb: Xobni - Social Network in Your Inbox

SARAH PEREZ  January 14, 2008

Xobni's brilliance is in providing you with a true social network filled with information that can help you stay productive and get things done. [...] This makes Xobni not just useful, but one of those, "how did I ever live without it" kind of things.

TechCrunch: The Super Plugin for Outlook

NICK GONZALEZ  January 09, 2008

Being the only guy with Outlook in the office, it's been a personal favorite of mine. Xobni's sidebar has improved Outlook for me by offering faster search, and automatic organization of my email and contacts. Their search function alone has saved me time by just being faster and more comprehensive than Outlook's native search.

Server Management: Well Connected

MARY BRANSCOMBE  December 04, 2007

Xobni is an Outlook add-in, launching soon, that ranks your contacts based on the messages you exchange, extracting contact information and identifying people the messages are connected to. You can click through to explore the conversations you've had with those connections.

Wall Street Journal: Email's Friendly Fire

REBECCA BUCKMAN  November 27, 2007

Xobni's product places a set of features on top of a customer's email inbox, such as "profiles" of online contacts complete with photos, and quick links to set up appointments.

Technology Review: A New Look For Outlook

KATE GREENE  October 02, 2007

"...what makes Xobni distinct is that it turns e-mail from a message-based system into a people-based system."

Founders at Work Blog: Xobni Beta

JESSICA LIVINGSTON  September 20, 2007

"with the launch of Xobni Insight, they seem to have made something people want. And I couldn't be happier for the Xobnis."

GIGAOM: Is Email The Ultimate Social Environment?

OM MALIK  September 20, 2007

The impressive launch of San Francisco-based Xobni: Email, the most socialist of all web apps

Technologyevangelist.com: Xobni is One Impressive Email Tool

ED KOHLER  September 19, 2007

"TechCrunch had tons of impressive companies present, but the one that really jumped off the page for me was Xobni. They have created a new email platform that creates significant value without asking anything more from users. That's a killer combination.

A VC Blog: Xobni launches

FRED WILSON  September 19, 2007

"It's safe to say that we're blown away ... for those of us stuck in email hell in Outlook, Xobni is showing a way out.

Webware: Hands-on: Handy Email Helper

RAFE NEEDLEMAN  September 18, 2007

"Our in-boxes really do contain a lot of social information, and I am very eager to see if Xobni will help me uncover mine."

VentureBeat: Email company Xobni launches, may steal Techcrunch prize

MATT MARSHALL  September 18, 2007

"It's extremely useful and we'll make a bet now it will win the show here... We've downloaded it, and are playing with it, and find it truly impressive."

ZDNet: Xobni and Orgoo - Weird Names, Useful Applications

DAN FARBER  September 18, 2007

"It makes you wonder what Microsoft has been doing with billions in R&D."

The Brian Alvey Weblog: TechCrunch 40 at Xobni

BRIAN ALVEY  September 18, 2007

"The first presenter this morning was probably better than any of yesterday's. It's called Xobni, which is inbox spelled backwards. It extracts some great contact and relationship information from your email stream."

Valleywag.com: I'm too sexy for my install script

OWEN THOMAS  September 18, 2007

"It's traditional for software developers to put their names on a product... But pictures? That's an innovation, as far as I know."

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