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At least Mono has a bug that will prevent you from using the GZipStream library; the constructor will throw OutOfMemoryException Several pages have documented this bug.

The libMonoPosixHelper.so distributed in the package mono-core-, and in all previous and post releases that I've seen, has been compiled with an old version of zlib.  This version problem causes the create_z_stream function to become a stub; my disassembly of the libMono library shows that the function is empty, and there is no import of the deflateInit2 function that is used in the Mono source code.

So to get the System.IO.Compression to work, the libMonoPosixHelper library must be compiled from the source.  (You can use either stable or latest; there is no difference between the two for now.)  To compile this,


  1. Run configure from [mono-source-dir]
  2. cd to [mono-source-dir]/support
  3. make
  4. make install

There is no need to compile the rest of the mono code, as this library is standalone and independent of the Mono .NET framework version.

I have also modified the zlib wrapper code.  I made some modifications to be able to log any errors that come out of the zlib library, as the current implementation of the wrapper essentially discards these.  (Why they do this is completely beyond me; the zlib library has nice errors.)  So if there are any problems, they are logged to stderr.

Modified zlib wrapper code

Fixed libMonoPosixHelper.so for Red Hat Enterprise 4.0 x86