Published: April 8, 2013

Trademarks and Brand Guidelines

The absence of a name or logo in this list does not constitute a waiver of any and all intellectual property rights that Xobni Corporation has established in any of its product, feature, or service names or logos.

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Xobni Brand Features Guidelines

  1. These Xobni Brand Features Guidelines are for licensees, resellers, distributors, developers and others who wish to use the Xobni trademarks, logos, service marks, trade dress, slogans, copyrighted designs or other brand features (collectively "Brand Features"). You may not use the Brand Features unless and until Xobni has granted its specific permission and you have fulfilled all conditions of such permission.
  2. You may only use the Brand Features pursuant to these Guidelines and for the specific purposes for which Xobni has given permission. If you have a written agreement with Xobni that specifically addresses how you may use its Brand Features, you do not need to get additional permission unless you want to do something other than what is authorized in your existing agreement. Otherwise, the only time you can use Brand Features without advance written permission is if there is clear and express language on our website stating that you can use those Brand Features without first obtaining permission.
  3. You may only use the Brand Features in a manner that is consistent with Xobni's own use of the Brand Features, and with all trademarks and service marks included in the Brand Features. You must also comply with any written requirements as to the size, typeface, colors, and other graphic characteristics of the Brand Features. If we provide these requirements to you at the time we grant permission, you must implement them before using our Brand Features. If we provide these requirements to you after we initially gave our permission, you must implement them within a commercially reasonable timeframe.
  4. You may not use the Brand Features:
    1. in a manner that suggests that editorial content has been authored by, or represents the views or opinions of, Xobni or any Xobni personnel;
    2. in a manner that is misleading, defamatory, libelous, obscene, infringing or otherwise objectionable;
    3. in a manner that suggests a relationship or affiliation with Xobni, unless expressly authorized by Xobni;
    4. in connection with any material that infringes the trademark, copyright or any other rights of any third party;
    5. as part of a name of a product or service of a company other than Xobni;
    6. in a manner that infringes, derogates, dilutes, or impairs the rights of Xobni in the Brand Features;
    7. as the most prominent element on your web page.
  5. Xobni may evaluate your use and decide whether that use violates any of the terms herein, at any time.
  6. Any use of the Xobni Brand Features shall inure to the benefit of Xobni. By using the Brand Features with Xobni's permission, you acknowledge Xobni's ownership of all Brand Features and agree that you will not take any action which is inconsistent with Xobni's ownership.
  7. Questions and requests for permission may be submitted by emailing us at: with complete samples of each proposed use.
  8. These Guidelines may be modified at any time by Xobni upon written notice to you.