Your address book,

Rich profiles + email history + lightning-fast search.
Completely automatic.

Put a face to every email.

Xobni automatically creates your address book from your email, phone call and SMS history.

Each Xobni Contact in your new address book includes the person's photo, contact info, title, company and updates from LinkedIn, Facebook etc. as well as all the emails and attachments exchanged.

To easily add Xobni Contacts to your Outlook address book, check out Xobni Pro.

Searching Outlook is fast... lightning-fast.

Search first, last or company name for instant access to anyone. You'll see all the Xobni Contacts that match your query and every email where that name is mentioned. Xobni Analytics ranks all your contacts by importance, so those you communicate with most are at the top.

Search your Yahoo! Mail from Outlook. Simply enable Yahoo! Mail in the Xobni options menu.

For advanced search, check out Xobni Pro.

Xobni Gadgets instantly boost your email productivity. New

Xobni Gadgets bring the services you use everyday into Outlook, so you don't have to leave your inbox to get the information you need and want.

Facebook and LinkedIn keep you up to date with each contact. Other gadgets, such as Evernote and Dropbox, give you access to the information you need, while keeping your main accounts in sync.

Check out the Gadget Store.

Attachment discovery.

All attachments exchanged are organized by contact with the most recent on top for easy access.

Spam Rescue. New

When Outlook's Junk Mail filter goes awry, Xobni is there to help. Rescue incorrectly filtered messages with a single click.

Get Xobni Pro for daily Spam Rescue messages.

Xobni Analytics.

Gain insight into your email patterns with each contact, to help you understand the best times to email them.

The ultimate address book. New

Xobni for BlackBerry automatically creates contacts for every person with whom you've ever communicated. Complete with photos, contact info, recent emails, calls, texts and info from LinkedIn/Facebook. Easily sharable.

Ranked by importance.

Xobni ranks all your contacts by importance, ensuring the people you communicate with most are at the top.

Lightning-fast search.

Search by first or last name, phone number or email to access any person's profile.


Access Xobni Contacts in the BlackBerry compose screen. Simply flick the trackball/pad up to search and add your Xobni Contacts to the message.

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