Develop Xobni gadgets
with the OpenSocial Platform.

The platform you know and love is now available in Xobni. Potential audience: 600 million Outlook users

UPDATE (Jan 2013):

Please note that Xobni is not currently accepting new gadget submissions. The following information is provided for reference purposes only.

Developers can now begin building applications that run inside of Outlook without having to build an entire Outlook plugin. Xobni gadgets are based on the OpenSocial Platform, and enable developers to build sender and message specific email gadgets.

Sidebar Gadgets

Sidebar gadgets appear in the Xobni Sidebar and provide additional information about all the people with whom you exchange email. The existing sidebar gadgets - such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter - put each contact in context. They can show what someone looks like, where they work, their role, as well as their recent activity.

Message Body Gadgets

Message body gadgets appear at the bottom of an email message and provide more information on message content. Note, these gadgets only appear when relevant. If there is nothing for them to show, they will not appear at the bottom of the message. For example, should you receive an email with links from Flickr, Flickr's message body gadget would display the photos, titles and descriptions associated with those links.

Because the Xobni Developer Framework is leveraging Google's extension to the OpenSocial Platform, the gadgets built to run in Outlook could easily run in Gmail.

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To develop for Xobni, all you need to do is create a Xobni Account, agree to the Developer Terms of Service and install Xobni for Outlook.

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